Kerry reflects on England's draw with India

Head coach Danny Kerry praised the ‘amazing’ atmosphere as his England side battled back to draw with India.

The sides contested in front of 10,500 fans at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in an entertaining contest with Lily Owsley netting a late equaliser.

Kerry noted the part that the crowd played in the match, he said: “It was amazing. An incredible atmosphere and you could really feel the crowd getting behind us especially in the second half.

“Everyone really got behind us and fed off the urgency and intent of what we were trying to do. It was amazing.”

With time running out England opted for a kicking back removing Maddie Hinch from goal and the gamble paid off as Owsley equalised. Kerry explained the decision: “Maddie had absolutely nothing to do in the entire second half so rather than leave it too late we said let’s do it now.

“The conversation while the corner was going on was that if we score shall we bring her back on so it made sense when did to bring Maddie back on as we expected India to try and play and threaten in the final minutes.

“I think the best way to sum it up is that we are competitive people and sometimes wrongly fixate on the result so we are probably disappointed. But if we focus on our level of performance we dominated and I can’t ask for more.”

Owsley celebrates

Goalscorer Lily Owsley said after the match "I'm feeling good after that game, we got a point when we were behind for much of the game. It felt like the whole crowd was behind us, and it really pulled us back in the last quarter. 

“It was emotional, and I feel so proud to be part of this team and part of this amazing event, I wish we could have given everyone who came out today three points."

Looking forward to the rest of the event, Lily said "These tournaments are all about momentum, you snowball it and take the good out of games like these. We will learn from this game, we showed a lot of strength and character, and I'm sure we'll carry it through to the next match against the USA."