Danson: 200 England caps and counting

Under lights, at a home World Cup, with 10,500 fans cheering her name.

What better way for one of the England’s greatest ever players to make her 200th appearance?

Alex Danson stepped forward and raised her stick to acknowledge the roar from the crowd as red and white flags waved all around the Arena.

Later she would strike an incredible solo goal finishing off a skilful run with a trademark reverse stick shot sending the crowds wild.

Alex made her international debut back in 2001, 6120 days ago and has become renowned around the world for her speed, skill and eye for goal on the pitch. She is equally known and loved for her passion and dedication to making the sport accessible and fun for all.

Danson 200

Reflecting after the match Danson said: “It was incredibly special but for me playing in this game is special, walking out with my team mates of present and past is the hugest honour.

“I just look at the stadium tonight and the overriding feeling with 10,000 supporters here I feel very proud of how far our sport has come during my career.

“My first cap is still my most special. I had a message from a team mate who played with me in my first cap this morning and that meant more to me than anything.

“Playing for your country once is the biggest honour and something as a kid I dreamed of and I worked incredibly hard but you can’t be on this team without the people around you, the coaches friends, family and first and foremost team mates.

“Every player I’ve played with, every volunteer and coach who has supported me to this point, my first game encompasses everything, a goal, hope and working very hard.

Team mate Susannah Townsend gave her thoughts on her captain after the game, she said: “I have been fortunate enough to play with Alex throughout my career and the way she conducts herself on and off the pitch is something all of us aspire to be like. 

“I know that the one person I would want on my team is Alex Danson and whether she is having a good game or not she shows that fight and she is a leader on the pitch. 

“With her having been captain for the past couple of years she has really stepped up in her own game and her leadership qualities are something that really drives us forwards as a squad. 

"She is an absolute inspiration to everyone.”