From Euro Hockey bronze to ball patrol to HWC 2018

ball patrol HWC2018

A 16-year-old Hockey Maker showcased her desire to be a part of the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup by working on a shift – the day after achieving bronze in an international hockey competition.

“I came straight from the airport to do my first shift here,” said a euphoric Rowena Hearn. “I had flown in from Spain where I had been playing for the England under-18’s in Santander and had just won the bronze medal.”

ball patrol HWC 2018

Hearn’s team defeated Germany 2-1 to claim third in the EuroHockey Youth Championships just three months after the England women’s team accomplished an identical feat in the Commonwealth Games.

“[Santander] was amazing,” said the Oxford Hawks fullback. “The weather wasn’t the best, but the experience was so good – especially winning the bronze medal.”

Hearn has already played on the Lee Valley pitch with her club side and will remain close to the action during the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup in her role on the Ball Patrol team.

“Being on ball patrol has been good. It’s all very full on, but it’s a good experience – especially being so close to the pitch and interacting with it.”

Hopefully the England Women can be spurred on by the successes of their younger counterparts and secure a first World Cup gold in August.

by Jonathan Twumasi