AGM Governance Review Update

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At the March 2017 England Hockey AGM, a resolution to review the governance structures within the sport was proposed and passed with a 98% majority. The AGM resolution in full read as follows:

“This resolution proposes that England Hockey review the sport's current governance structure across the country so that it provides the best opportunity to develop the sport; increasing participation levels and the chances of sustained success at national and international level while safeguarding participants and giving members the best possible experience in the 21st century”. 

A working group to drive this initiative forward was established shortly after the AGM. Yew Consulting, independent sport researchers and consultants, were contracted to undertake the research and consultation on behalf of England Hockey, the results of which have informed the Vision, Principles and Requirements intended to underpin future work.   

The Working Group intend that the process of review will be open, consultative and volunteer driven. All future work connected with the AGM Resolution will be published on the website here. 

You can share your comments with us around the vision, principles and requirements by 10 October. You can find the briefing notes here.

An email address has been established to ensure that there is a central focus for all enquiries.