Belper HC mothers share why they love hockey

Belper mum Julie with daughters
Hands up if you got involved with hockey because someone in your family has? This is not a rare occurrence in our sport - one of the best things about hockey is that many family generations can end up playing in the same team! 

Belper Hockey Club are no strangers to this and Belper member Julie Cater caught up with a couple of mothers and asked ‘why hockey?’. 

We have plenty of mother and daughter combos at Belper. Six of them play at the club whilst another six still have strong ties to us. Many of them have either played or currently play some part of the club, be it umpiring or organising. Belper Ladies HC celebrate their centenary in 2020 and it just goes to show the strength and depth we have within the club!

Three England athletes - Anna Toman, Kathryn Lane (above), and Hollie Perne-Webb - all started their hockey careers with us, with Ruth Lane being a regular on the pitch. 
Suzy - I have come back to playing hockey after many years off, so to be part of a team and play with my daughter, does it get any better than that?! (pictured below)

Suzy Belper Hockey mum
Emma – Hockey was always my favourite team sport and now I love sharing the experience with my daughters.
Jackie – Hockey is amongst the proudest, happiest times you can have with your family. Hockey has remained a big part of their lives of which I am very proud.
Ruth – Nothing beats the freedom of running around, the banter with your team-mates and the satisfied exhaustion. To enjoy together what I love doing most and seeing my daughters enjoy themselves is priceless.
Annette – It is a great feeling to be sharing the love of the game and being able to pass on your love of the game
Clare – It is very special to play a competitive sport we all love together! To help inspire, in whatever way I can, the next generation is a great honour!
Julie – I love being part of a team who can and will help you through good and bad times in life but to stand on the pitch next to your daughters is such a special moment! 

Parent in Sport week runs from 1-7 October, led by the Child Protection Unit. For more resources and tools for your club, or if you are a parent, check out their website here.