England Hockey Board Synopsis - September 2018

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England Hockey Board Meeting
The Stoop, London
25 September 2018

Lead: Royston Hoggarth (RH)
Present: Andy Tapley, Ed Barney, Ian Wilson, Jon Cockcroft, Kate Swann, Katy Roberts, Mike Stoddard, Rich Beer, Richard Sykes, Sally Munday, Sheila Morrow
 Apologies for Absence: Neville Wrench

Minutes of meeting held on 17 July 2018 
a) Points of accuracy: 
Erin Levett attended the July meeting on behalf of GB Hockey.
b) Matters arising 
Some actions have been held over due to the Strategy element of the September meeting.

1. Executive Report
As read with the following points:
  • Jonathan Cockcroft updated the Board on progress with ticket sales for the 30th Anniversary International. The BBC has agreed to put the match on its digital platforms. 12 Seoul medallists will be attending and we will also be hosting an event for the international masters teams who won medals at this year’s World Cups. 
  • FIH Pro-League- Stadium capacities at Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre which will be 5000 for the first 6 matches and 7500 for the remaining matches. 
  • Ed Barney updated the Board on Danny Kerry’s move across to the men’s programme.  
  • Sally Munday updated the Board on staff changes since the World Cup. 
  • Andy Hunt asked Jonathan Cockcroft about the sponsorship pipeline. He is positive about recent discussions with potential sponsors but there is work to be done over the next few months to secure renewals ahead of the FIH Pro-League.
2. International Success
a) World Cup review
Ed Barney gave a presentation to the Board on the women’s performance at the recent World Cup. He set out the results of the Athlete and Staff reviews and explained that a “mid-cycle reset” was due shortly. There would now be a significant period of GB activity and that would offer some opportunities. 
He also updated the Board on the Women’s Head Coach recruitment process.

3. Increased Visibility

a) Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup

Jonathan Cockcroft presented a paper to the Board which set out headline reflections on the event. A thorough review of the event will be presented to the Board in November. 

b) FIH Pro-League

Jonathan Cockcroft verbally updated the Board on the plans in place for the event including the recent ticket ballot. 

4. Strong Respected NGB

a) Management accounts.
Ian Wilson presented the management accounts to July 2018 and confirmed that Sport England have now paid their outstanding amount.

The Board asked questions around the shortfall in “Other Ticketed Events” which was due to the cancellation of the One Off Internationals and the World Cup Ball. They also asked for an explanation of the variances on AASE and NAGS.

b) Committee Updates
As read. 

c) Diversity Action Plan
Paper taken as read.
Richard Sykes suggested that consideration be given to looking at diversity in a wider context so that it includes players, officials and volunteers.