What results do England need to make it through their World Cup pool?

England at the Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup

England go into their final Pool match in the Odisha Hockey Men’s World Cup against Ireland looking for a positive result to take them through to the next stage. Here we outline the permutations.

Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup Pool B = After two rounds of fixtures

Friday’s fixtures
11:30am UK time Australia vs China
1:30pm UK time England vs Ireland

Where do England need to finish?

Second or third. Australia are already guaranteed to win the group, and they have progressed straight through to the quarter finals. The second and third placed teams will go to the crossover stage, while the bottom team will be eliminated.

How do the FIH determine who finishes where?
The official event media guide states, ‘If at the end of the pool matches two or more teams have the same number of points for any place in a pool, the first splitter will be according to their respective number of matches won, followed by goal difference, goals scored and the result of the match played between the tied teams. If more than two teams are involved, then a ranking based upon the results of the matches among (only) them shall determine their respective position, based upon the points awarded. If there still remains equality among two or more teams, then these teams will be ranked according to the number of field goals scored in the pool matches. Should there still remain equality among two or more teams, then the ranking will be determined by a shoot-out competition between those teams.’

England at the Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup

OK, so what happens if England win?
If England win their game against Ireland, they will be certain of going through to the crossovers. If group leaders Australia beat China, England would then finish second by winning their game.

England at the Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup

What happens if England draw?
Here it becomes more complicated. If China get a draw or win against Australia in their game, then a draw against Ireland would not be enough for England. However if China lose by four or more goals against Australia – and given their very good performances so far that would be a big ask – then a draw for England would be enough.

If China lose to Australia by exactly three goals and then England draw, both teams’ goal difference would be level and the placing would be decided by which team scored more goals in their three Pool games. If both teams have scored the same number of goals, it would then be decided by which team scored more field goals. Currently England and China have one field goal each. In the event of all of those statistics being equal, England and China would hold a shootout to decide who progresses.

Ireland at the Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup

What happens if Ireland win?

Ireland would progress, and regardless of the outcome in the other game, England would be eliminated.

Where can I watch?
The Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup is live on BT Sport. You can also follow @EnglandHockey on Twitter for live updates.