England Hockey Priority Centralised Calendar 2019-20

The first draft of the 2019/20 Priority Centralised Calendar is now available. We apologise for the later than usual dissemination of this. 

Consultation on the Premier Division programme in the first half of the 2019-20 season continues with the Elite Domestic Game Panel. As such the final Investec Women’s Hockey League and Men’s Hockey League Premier Division dates and Jaffa Super 6s dates remain provisional.

For clarification for 2019-20, the priority on any blank date in the junior columns, U18 to U8, is with activity in adjoining age groups and if these are blank too, then with club hockey.

We aim to disseminate the final version of the calendar at the end of March 2019.

To feedback on the calendar please use the following survey clicking here

If you have any queries about the first draft of the 2019/20 Priority Centralised Calendar, please get in touch with the England Hockey Competitions team, competitions.info@englandhockey.co.uk