Notts Sport Boys Schools Championships

Notts Sport Boys' Schools Championships
The Notts Sport Boys Schools Championships will take place at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre between the 29 April and 2 May 2019 

In the U18 Tier 1 Championships, which have run as a league this season, the semi finals see Dean Close play Reeds and Whitgift play Norwich.

The U16 Tier 1 Championships semis pits St Lawrence v Repton and Dean Close v Portsmouth Grammar 

The U14 Tier 1 Championships runs a round robin with two pools and the pool winners playing in the final
Pool 1 - Altrincham, St Georges, Clifton, Ipswich 
Pool 2 - Calday Grange, Perse, Repton, Whitgift.

The new tiered championships see further competitions which has given more schools and opportunity to progress.

U18 Tier 2, knockout
Charterhouse v Merchant Taylors
St Georges v Bedford

U18 Tier 3, knockout
Eastbourne v  Magdalen
Forest v Altrincham 

U16 Tier 2, knockout
Trinity v Taunton
RGS Guildford v Ashby

U14 Tier 2, Round Robin
Coopers Coborn and Company, Katherine Lady Berkeley, Kingswood & Ratcliffe 

U16 Tier 3, Round Robin
Beechen Cliff, Sandbach, Southend High, Thomas Telford      

The U16 Tier 3 tournament will take place on Monday 29 April and the U14 Tier 1 and Tier 2 on Tuesday 30 April, Wednesday 01 May and Thursday 02 May sees the U16 T1 and T2 plus the U18 T1, T2 and T3. The full schedule is attached.

The outstanding games will be played by 25 April

Tickets for the event may be purchased here

You can follow the action with live scores using our on line Competition Management System

Results for the U18 Tier 1, U18 Tier 2 and U16 Tier 1 quarter finals are as below

U18 Tier 1
Warwick 1-3 Reeds
Whitgift 4-3 Canford
Norwich 4-0 Oakham
Dean Close 4-4 Repton (Dean Close won aps) 

U18 Tier 2
St Georges 8-0 Mount Kelly 
Rugby 1-5 Charterhouse 
Manchester Grammar 4-4 Bedford 4 (Bedford won aps) 
Merchant Taylors 4-1 Kings Gloucester 

U16 Tier 1
Repton 0-0 Whitgift (Repton won aps) 
St Lawrence 3-1 Stamford 
Portsmouth 2-1 Trent 
Dean Close 4-1 Kings Taunton