First Ever 080 International Hockey Match

England 080s

The First Men’s over 80s international hockey match was held at Breda, Holland on 24th April 2019 between England and the Netherlands.

A Notary checked ages and identity against passport details to verify that the players were all aged 80 or more during 2019. The match was overseen by a Technical officer of WGMA who checked that the sticks complied and ensured the match was run according to FIH rules. All this was thought necessary in order to obtain entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

The match was largely played between the 23m lines with the dominant defence of both sides preventing many incursions into the ‘D’. Both teams had the occasional short corner with England having a few more than the Netherlands and in fact David Wright of England did succeed in putting the ball into the Netherland’s net only for it to be disallowed for stick obstruction.

Walter Hagedoorn of the Netherlands was busy both defending and helping mount the occasional attack but in the end the England defence of Leon Mack, Malcolm Pile and Colin Pinks prevailed. Tony Bowman of England showed his speed in getting up to the Netherland 23m line but the Netherlands defence of Jan Klein Swormink and Bob van der Giessen prevented any serious England attack.

The match was played in a good spirit and everybody enjoyed the game which ended in a draw 0 – 0

After the match the Netherlands put on a splendid dinner.

The next day the teams played a second match which England won 1 – 0 with a short corner goal scored by David Wright.

The Teams :-

England :- Mike Fripp (GK and Captain), Leon Mack, Graham Pile, Colin Pinks, John Seear, Colin Pearce, Bill Greenwood, Gilbert Grace, Laurie Allcock, Barrie Roberts, Brian Woolcott, Tony Bowman, David Wright, George Hazell (did not play)

Netherlands :- Jaap Hazelwinkel, Jan Klein Swormink, Piet Ploemakers, Walter Beekers, Piet van der Meulen, Jaap Liezenberg, Kees Hardenberg, Frans Kleuw, Walter Hagedoorn (Captain), Wiel Hansen (GK), Jan Willen van Waning, Henk Kwast, Bob van der Giessen