How an act of exemplary heroism saved a manís life

Ambulance 2
On March 30 2019  two men from Oxford Hockey club help save a mans life by performing CPR for over 30 minutes until the paramedics arrived. If it wasn’t for the bravery and heroic acts of James Harper and Chris Hadfield, Devinder Singh Sangha’s incident may have been fatal. 

  It was a tough defeat in the last hockey match of the season for West Hampstead Mens 6s by BA Slough Ramgarhia but they were still in good spirits when leaving the pitches. One player, Devinder Singh Sangha hadn’t been feeling very well throughout the match and suddenly collapsed after the game. He lost consciousness and within minutes he had stopped breathing. 

Two players, Chris Hadfield and James Harper (both in the medical profession) from Oxford Hockey Clubs Mens 3s, who in the midst of playing, without hesitation dropped their sticks and rushed to Devinder’s aid.  

Recognising the severity of the situation they began CPR. They knew they needed more assistance and with the paramedics at least 30 minutes away they sent someone to the local school to get an AED.  James and Chris jointly performed CPR for over half an hour despite exhaustion.  When the emergency services arrived Devinder received onsite treatment and thankfully began to regain consciousness, something that without the Oxford players determination and quick action would have undoubtedly ended in fatality. 

Devinder has since made a full recovery and is already thinking about his next hockey match. 

This act of bravery, and selflessness in a crisis is nothing short of exceptional.  They saw a person in a life-threatening situation and stepped up to help.