#FlyerzWeek 2019

Flyers Fest - 1
Last week was #FlyerzWeek, a week dedicated to Flyerz Hockey who are leading a movement across the UK to make disability inclusion the norm in hockey. 

In 2011, Access Sport’s Disability Inclusion Programme was launched to support local community sports clubs become more inclusive of young disabled people. Access Sport partnered with Waltham Forest Hockey Club to create the first fully inclusive hockey section in England, which was named ‘Forest Flyerz’ and inspired other clubs to introduce ‘Flyerz’ hockey.

Flyerz week began with an introduction to Flyerz and the amazing work they have been doing since launching, they had a live twitter Q&A with Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh who are ambassedors of Flyerz and hosted a number of events including Schools Games and the National Flyerz Festival. 
Tuesday 14 May was the live twitter session with Kate and Helen, if you head over to twitter and look at #AskKateandHelen you can see some of the amazing questions they were asked. 

On Wednesday 15 May we headed over the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre for day 3 and the Flyerz Schools Games. It was a fantastic (and sunny) day in London with Flyerz Hockey hosting the mini schools’ tournament. There was a series of 10 minute games which lead to a final. Morpeth and Woodlane ended up 2-2 so the game went to a shootout with Woodlane taking the win.
The schools we spoke to had nothing but good things to say about the day. They were pleased with how many people attended and that the children from their school got to participate in a sport against other people in a friendly but competitive tournament. 

The children we spoke to said it had been the best day, they love meeting so many new people and playing hockey, even though they don't always get the chance to do so at school.

Flyers Fest - 2
Sunday was the final day of #FlyerzWeek and the national Flyerz festival hosted at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. We saw children from various clubs across the country attend and participate in hockey on the International pitch before the FIH Pro League fixtures.  Volunteers and clubs such as Tunbridge Wells were tasked with running the sessions, they began the day with a warm up game of bulldog hockey. 3 players, known at the Tacklers, had to tackle the players with balls and turn them into to Tacklers, the players with the balls had to avoid the Tacklers and make it to the other side of the D.

Flyers Fest - 3

After the warm up it was practice time. We were lucky to have 2 goalies who stepped up and let the groups have 1 on 1s against them. Both groups had a couple of attempts at scoring each before heading into a game. 

Flyers Fest - 5

Once the Festival had finished the teams took to the stands to watch GB men and women take on Germany in the FIH Pro League. The women got a well deserved win but Belgium took the win in the Mens fixture… but the day didn’t end there, the GB athletes took to the pitch and goal keeper George pinner took the time for one little lad to meet his hero, mum Steph Oliver said ‘It was an incredible day! Cameron just LOVES watching his favourite players in real life!!!(he spends 90% of his free time watching old matches on YouTube) But to get a chance to meet them! Days out don’t get much better’.

A huge shout out to BT Sport for spending the time with Kate and Helen to discuss the importance of Flyerz! 

We had an amazing week and we hope you join us and Flyerz Hockey next year! 

If you want to get involved with Flyerz Hockey follow this link for more information.

Flyers Fest - 4