How Tim came back and took to the pitch with his two sons

tim dyke
Hockey is one of the great sports that allow families to play together in the same team. We caught up with Tim Dyke who, after an eight year break, came back and took to the pitch with his two sons.

It’s not an unusual story - Tim had played hockey through school, university and then for his local club, but it became difficult to balance playing hockey with having a young family and he decided to have some time away. 

Then recently a friend invited him to go down to a training session at Leicester City HC. A few weeks later the club arranged a friendly to give players old and new a chance to get some match experience. However his team were a couple of players short, so Tim’s sons helped out.

“The boys don’t play hockey, but filled in as the opposition also had a couple of younger players.” He said. “It was a great level to come back to as there was lots of encouragement for them. I really enjoyed playing again and it was great to play with them, even if they both did scored and I didn’t!”

So what is next for Tim?

“I want to continue to be involved in Leicester City HC. I probably won’t be able to play every week, but want to continue training as I’m one of those who struggle to go out for runs by myself.”

Thanks to Tim for sharing his story with us and we hope he can encourage his kids to pick up a stick again soon.

Find your local Vitality Back To Hockey Session here.