England Hockey Board Synopsis - July 2019

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Meeting Name: England Hockey Board 
Venue: Bisham Abbey 
Date: 16th July 2019

Lead: Royston Hoggarth
Note Taker: Helen Clarke
Present: Ed Barney (EB), Ian Wilson (IW), Jonathan Cockcroft (JC), Kate Swann (KS), Andy Tapley (AT), Andy Hunt (AH), Katy Roberts (KR), Rich Beer (RB), Richard Sykes (RS), Sally Munday (SM), Sheila Morrow (SMo), Neville Wrench (NW)
Apologies: Mike Stoddard (MS)


Minutes of meeting held on 21 May 2019
Points of accuracy: The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.
Matters arising: EH to make injury monitoring mandatory at home events
Declarations of interest: None

Executive Report
As read with the following points: 
  • SM confirmed England Hockey is undertaking an independent review on recent concussions
  • Approval of EH recommendation for FIH rule change, subsequently communicated
  • Board congratulated EH on success of portable hockey pitch solution and FIHPL experience at the Stoop
  • Approval of the dissolution of the Constitutions and Regulations Committee
Jon Cockcroft presented comparative financial models for 2020 event delivery

International success: 
Ed Barney presented on the developed position of the Fit for the Future- systemic success strategy. The Board discussed the revised proposal including financial implications. EB to present an implementation plan at next Board meeting.

Enhanced Infrastructure: 
Rich Beer fed back on largely positive reception of proposed structural changes at national AGM Resolution roadshows. Additional information available here.

Strong and respected NGB:
19/20 Operational plan budget 
  • Following discussion, digital platform investment proposal to be brought to next Board
Management Accounts
  • Ian Wilson confirmed waiting on final figures post FIHPL and course activity over summer months to close year end accounts
Risk register
  • Revised and updated 
Diversity strategy
  • Working group to bring strategy to next Board
Committee Updates including EDG Panel
  • Taken as read
RH recorded the Board’s sincere thanks for everything Sally Munday has done for the sport as CEO over the last 10 years.