Team of the Week 2019/20 - Round 3

Team of the week 2019/20
A huge shout out to everyone who played, umpired, managed and stood on the side line this weekend. That classic British weather was back in true form and everyone deserves a pat on the back for being out in the torrential rain. 

After reading all your nominations, here is our latest #TeamOfTheWeek

Player: Wendy Shuttle
Team: Leighton Buzzard HC
Nomination: It was only her second time as a goalkeeper but Wendy made a series of superb saves and showed fantastic improvement coincidentally against the same team she faced on her first appearance in goal.

Player: Pheobe White
Team: Eastbourne HC
Nomination: Pheobe had absolute stormer and was like a brick wall at the weekend. She contested well, marking her player and making great picks. She also provided top quality distribution in attack.

Player: Rosie Treager
Team: Newbury & Thatcham HC
Nomination: Rosie is new to the club this season and had stated she needed to leave the match at half-time due to a prior commitment. But she didn’t, instead choosing to stay and continue a fine defensive performance, tracking players back and forth all over the pitch.

Player: Poppy Harrison
Team: Spencer HC
Nomination: Despite being one of the youngest players on the team, Poppy leads from the back with maturity. Always has great composure on the ball settling the defence when her team is under pressure.

Player: Katie Pake
Team: Sonning HC
Nomination: Katie played her first full game for the team after getting married then missing three weeks with an injury. She showed no signs of rustiness though and was awesome, scoring a hat-trick and helping her team beat neighbours Reading 8-1.

Player: The Whole Team
Team: Stone HC
Nomination: With their pitch waterlogged due to torrential rain, the entire team spent two hours clearing the surface in order for them to play at the weekend. Now that’s commitment to the cause! 

Stone HC

Player: Karen Louise Timby
Team: Spalding HC
Nomination: Karen is an inspirational captain for her team who leads by example, dominating play in central midfield, whilst constantly encouraging the youngsters in the team.

Player: Geoff Gibbs
Team: Cambridge HC
Nomination: Despite being 70, Geoff is available every week, collects the match fees and has held numerous positions in the club. He is happy to play a full game or just 10 minutes and even got his name on the scoresheet this weekend. A true club hero who also boasts ‘the mightiest bears this side of Mordor’!

Player: Harry Gill
Team: Norwich HC 
Nomination: Harry scored a fantastic hat-trick and provided four assists as Norwich’s 2nd XI scored 10 goals for the first time ever in the league! He then featured for the 1st XI the following day in a cup game and notched up another two assists. Team players are the best players!

Player: Tom Statham
Team: Triton HC
Nomination: 14-year-old Tom was called up to the Men's 3s at 11:30am on Saturday morning and came on as substitute to score both goals in his team's 2-1 win against Macclesfield 3s to maintains the team's position in the League. He came mighty close to completing his hat-trick on a couple of occasions in the second half too.


Player: Will Duffy
Team: Portsmouth Hockey Club 
Nomination:  Will played his first match in the County Championships. He scored a staggering 4 goals in the second half after a frustrating first half. Fantastic will power and determination lead him to not give up. 



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