Team of the Week - Round 5

Team of the week 2019/20
What a week to be a goalkeeper! We had nine (yes, nine!) nominations for this position so here is a special shout out to all the goalies nominated who didn’t quite make the XI this week.

Deb Mincher – Bloxwhich HC
Sophie Bruce – Isle of White Ladies 
James Catton – Southport HC
Leanne Chapman – Mendip HC
Ffion Jones – Edgbaston HC
Elliot Rider – Khalsa Leamington HC 
Vos Baker – Sheffield Uni Bankers HC 
Xavier Scott - Silhillians HC

Name: Katy Blezard
Club: Longridge HC
Nomination: Katy sadly passed away last Thursday but was a well loved and devoted player. She lived for every Saturday, hockey was her life. She will be sadly missed by the club and will leave behind a legacy for her passion and enthusiasm. 

Name: Kendra Cooke
Club: Stone HC
Nomination: Her team welcomed Kendra back just two months after having a baby… Now that’s dedication to the hockey cause!

Kendta Cooke

Name: Emily Horn
Club: Taw Valley HC
Nomination: Emily is an incredible player and captain. During this weekend's game she took a ball to the knee and had to go off to receive treatment. But she came back on and within minutes achieved retribution by scoring past the opposing goalkeeper.

Name: Haverhill Ladies Hockey Club
Club: Haverhill Ladies HC
Nomination: Finding enough players at the weekend can be a nightmare but when you've got a dedicated group of players keen to play, you can achieve anything. Despite having just 16 players for two teams this weekend, Haverhill still fulfilled their fixtures as their players ensured they did what they loved, no matter the end result.

Name: Brett Tucker
Club: Sheffield HC
Nomination: Brett made his National League debut and scored the crucial fifth goal to clinch an important three points for his side, making his parents and teammates very proud.

Brett Tucker

Name: Claudia Swain
Club: Repton HC
Nomination: Aged at only 15, Claudia’s vision and decision-making skills are excellent. She impressed all with her maturity, intelligence on the pitch and goal scoring ability. 

Claudia Swain

Name: Beth Harris
Club: Caradon HC
Nomination: Beth produced an outstanding performance for her team and scored the winning goal in the final seconds to keep up the team's 100% record this season.

Name: Ian Holloway
Club: Nottingham Trent HC
Nomination: Ian was like superman on Saturday. On the way to the game the mini bus got a puncture, but Ian managed to stop it, change the offending wheel and get the team to the game on time. During the game he scored eight (yes, eight!) goals on the way to a 26-0 win. What a shift!

Name: Hennie Boekestyn
Club: Spalding HC
Nomination: Despite being just 15-years-old, Hennie has no fear, carries the ball well and scores goals from all angles on the pitch. She is a fantastic player making her team and captain proud.

Name: Dom Harvey
Club: South Berkshire Terriers HC
Nomination: Hard work and practice payed off for 15-year-old Dom as he scored an awesome drag flick to help his team to come from behind to win 2-1.

Name: Louis Brooks
Club: Wolverhampton and Tettenhall HC
Nomination: A valuable player for the team as he won penalty corner after penalty corner. Not only did Louis constantly work hard to get his side on the attack, but also put in a solid defensive shift to help his team to victory.