England Hockey Board Synopsis - October 2019

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Meeting Name: England Hockey Board  
Venue: Bisham Abbey 
Date: 9 October 2019

Lead: Royston Hoggarth
Note Taker: Helen Clarke
Present: Ed Barney (EB), Ian Wilson (IW), Jonathan Cockcroft (JC), Rich Beer (RB), Andy Tapley (AT), Kate Swann (KS), Andy Hunt (AH), Richard Sykes (RS), Neville Wrench (NW), Mike Stoddard (MS), Katy Roberts (KR), Erin Lovett (EL)


Minutes of meeting held on 16 July 2019
Points of accuracy: The minutes were approved as a true and accurate recording.
Matters arising: Process confirmed for recruitment of 2x new member elected NED’s
Declarations of interest: None

Executive Report
As read with the following points: 
  • Jon Cockcroft confirmed MATTA have been engaged to deliver the next phase of the Hockey as a Sport project
  • EH confirmed they will host Masters World Cup O35’s and O40’s at Beeston HC
Jon Cockcroft updated on Project Content, a collaborative multi sport visibility project
Jon Cockcroft updated on Olympic Qualification event and FIH Pro League 2020

International success
Ed Barney updated on continuing work on the Fit for the Future- systemic success strategy including planning process for communications, change management and implementation. 

Enhanced Infrastructure
Rich Beer presented on the successful delivery of Big Stadium Hockey pitch technology at The Stoop
The Board congratulated EH on the success noting how quickly this had been implemented

Strong and respected NGB
Management Accounts
  • Ian Wilson updated on year end accounts indicating expected final position to be a loss
  • Commitment to delivery of large events which are forecast to generate profit (and growth in the sport) in the mid to longer term cited as key contributors to final financial position
  • In consideration of EH’s long term strategy, the Board were expecting and are comfortable with EH’s position
Revision of reserves policy
  • The current reserves policy is linked to SE funding so it is falling and no longer fit for purpose. The Board agreed to revise it to 3 months operational expenditure excluding performance so that the target continues to be relevant. 
Update on recreational drug use policy
  • EH to publish a position statement following WADA’s position publication 
Committee Updates including EDG Panel
  • Taken as read
  • A policy on betting in the sport was requested and will be brought to a subsequent Board
  • The Board and Appointments committee confirmed appointment of Nick Pink as CEO, who will join England Hockey on 4 November 2019