Team of the week - Round 7

Team of the week 2019/20
Another tough decision for us for our #TeamOfTheWeek. The nominations get harder and harder each week but keep sending them in. We only have 2 more before we take a break for Christmas! 

This week we have a special mention for Canterbury Friars 3rd team in Kent. They are a true #HockeyFamily team. They start at age 14 all the way up to  their captain at 76. 

Canterbury Friars

Name: Miriam Pritchard
Club: Loughborough Students WHC
Nomination: Miriam put in an outstanding display, controlling the game and producing several important corner saves as well as pulling off a blinder to keep out a stroke! 

Name: Katie Atherall
Club: Northampton Saints HC
Nomination: Katie played for the Northampton Saints ‘Badgers’ today, a non-league team for players aged 10-16. Despite being just 12, Katie showed off plenty of skill in both defence and attack, with many watching parents commenting on her talent.

Katie Atherall

Name: Emma Galloway
Club: Oxted HC
Nomination: Emma had an amazing day as she intercepted on numerous occasions, made great tackles and produced not one but two last ditch goal line clearances to her team won.

Emma Galloway

Name: Oscar Morley 
Club: Bourne Deeping HC
Nomination: Oscar is a solid defender, he is present, and his distribution is fantastic. He even managed to set up the third goal!

Name: Dawn Atkins
Club: Brookfield Ladies HC
Nomination: Dawn hadn’t played for five months after hurting her back on tour in Barcelona. However with selection limited for her club this weekend, her captain begged her to play even just for 15 minutes. Not only did Dawn play for nearly an hour though; she was brilliant. Welcome back!

Name: Maddie Ashton
Club: Northampton Saints HC
Nomination: Maddie has had an outstanding season so far. She’s only 14 but plays with such maturity which showed when she cleared what looked like a certain goal off the line and then bossed the midfield. Furthermore she also scored a fine goal that was marvelled by those around her.

Name: Magnus Windsor
Club: Bourne Deeping HC
Nomination:. Magnus was a real workhorse in midfield, chasing and disrupting the opposition to stop them building creative attacks. He helped create fantastic turnover opportunities and gave a solid performance.

Name: Georgie Killingbeck
Club: Clifton Robinsons HC
Nomination: Returning after a seven week injury absence , Georgie scored two fine sliding goals despite playing out of position. What a return - as her nominator said: “Rest, recover, and smash it”!

Name: Nicola Puckett
Club: Portsmouth HC
Nomination: Nicola was actually nominated by her opponents from Gosport for being a constant threat from the start of the game. Every time she got the ball in the circle it resulted in a goal. She is phenomenal and an asset to Portsmouth as their top goal scorer. 

Nicole Puckett

Name: Lara Jacobs
Club: Doncaster HC
Nomination: Lara stepped up to the National League for the first time this season despite being just 16. She was outstanding in attack, continually making great leads and scoring two goals giving her side a creditable draw.

Name: Charlotte Maplethorpe
Club: Spalding HC
Nomination: Another exciting young forward, Charlotte put a masterclass and scored a fantastic individual goal. At just 17, she seems to get better and better every week.