Fantastic day of sportsmanship at the U14 Tier 3 Schools Championships

The Castle School
On Thursday 21 November 2019 Cheltenham College and Warwickshire Stratford School hosted their local schools Championships. The day was filled with great sportsmanship, fantastic hockey and most importantly, fun! 

U14 Tier 3 at Cheltenham College

The third of the U14 Tier 3 tournaments in the South West took place on Thursday 21 November and were hosted by Cheltenham College.

The schools played each other in a round robin format and whilst lots of the hockey on display was fantastic it was the sportsmanship and teamwork of the schools that shone through. 

Goal keepers shared responsibilities and were kept busy throughout the morning.

In the first set of matches Castle School came out on top but to keep the competition alive the teams were mixed up and the results were much closer. 

Overall Castle School remained unbeaten and won the days competition. 

U14 Tier 3 at Warwickshire Stratford School

The first of this year’s Warwickshire U14 Tier 3 competitions was hosted by Stratford School on a very cold afternoon on Thursday 21 November. 

Six local secondary schools: Stratford School, Myton, Aylesford, Stratford Girls Grammar, Kingsley and Shipston played a round robin tournament. 

All the girls enjoyed the opportunity to play five different schools. The standard of the goal keeping was amazing, meaning that there were seven 0-0 draws during the afternoon. 

Aylesford came out the winners, being the only undefeated school in their 5 games. 

Three schools finished on the same number of points – Kingsley School, Shipston School and Myton School but Kingsley secured the runner up slot by scoring two goals in their final match – taking their goals scored to 3.

Aylesford School (Dark Blue) v Kingsley