Team of the week - Round 8

Team of the week 2019/20

Another week with some great competition especially for the spot of goalkeeper! 

Didn't make the team this week? Nominate again this weekend! 

Name: Charlotte Olden
Club: Old Southendian HC
Nomination: This is Charlotte’s first season back after having a baby in June and she – also know as ‘The BumbleBeast’ - returned in formidable form. She always gives 100% but this weekend worked so hard for her team to make difficult saves, amazing clearances and directed the defence to ensure the scoreline was as low as it could be. Despite losing just 1-0, Charlotte was the reason the opposition were denied any further goals. She is an inspiration to the team, other ‘keepers and women as a new, young mum who really loves her hockey.

Charlotte Olden

Name: Saffron Phoenix Hart
Club: Isle of Wight HC
Nomination: Saffron gave an incredible performance against top of the table opposiiton. She was phenomenal in defence, covering the entire pitch, making crucial interceptions, tackles and a goal line save while being the driving force behind the attack too.

Name: Ellie Brighton
Club: Clifton Robinsons HC
Nomination: Ellie is outstanding in every single game she play, helping the team achieve win after win. No other player is this consistent in performance and this is remarkable for someone just 16-years-old. She listens, learns and delivers. 

Name: Keely Jones
Club: Taw Valley HC
Nomination: After more than a year away from the game, Keely returned to hockey in blistering form, covering so much ground and sealing the 4-1 win over Exe HC with a superb, clinical hat trick. What a way to welcome her back to the game!

Keely Jones,

Name: Brook Fowler
Club: K Sports (Cobdown) HC
Nomination: Brook is instrumental to the team. He scored four goals and assisted (in one way or another) another six at the weekend others. He has now bagged eight goals in his last three games. 

Brook Fowler

Name: Nancy Ellis
Club: Newton Abbot HC
Nomination:  Nancy was all over the pitch, scoring a worldie from a corner and producing goal line saves. She is an ace player adored by both players and spectators. 

Nancy Ellis

Name: Steve Lowther
Club: Tadley HC
Nomination: Since Steve joined Tadley the team has seen a big turnaround in fortune. He always leads with tackles and decisive passes but more importantly goals. His hat-trick against Haslemere has taken this season’s total to 11 and sees Tadley currently unbeaten, having only dropped two points going, into the mid-season break. 

Steve Lowther

Name: Jack Ellison
Club: Sidmouth & Ottery HC
Nomination:  Jack worked really hard this weekend, scoring one goal in open play and putting away two strokes to win the game 3-2 against Taunton Vale.

Name: Andrew Simpson
Club: Gravesham & Wellcome HC
Nomination: Andrew scored a hat-trick in a 4-1 win, the second time he has completed this feat in as many games to move his team just one point away from top spot. Since moving up from the 2nd XI he has not stopped scoring.

Name: Jennie Hoyte
Club: Holcombe HC
Nomination: Jenny scored her 600th goal for the club in just 15 seasons. Congratulations Jennie – that is a truly incredible achievement!

Jennie Hoyte

Name: Evie James
Club: Brooklands Poynton HC
Nomination: Evie had an incredible game as she played both centre mid and up front, scoring five goals as the team romped to a 12-0 victory, despite the freezing conditions! Every goal was different and she was only denied a hat-trick by a number of fine saves from the opposition goalkeeper.