AGM Resolution - Fully updated proposal: A Structure fit for the Future

Masters Hockey
In 2017 a resolution was put by clubs to the England Hockey AGM and was strongly supported by the membership to review the way the sport was structured locally. Since then, England Hockey has been consulting widely and developing a proposal for change for the membership to consider at the 2020 England Hockey AGM. This consultation process and the steps taken along the way are all available here.

In the summer of 2019 a series of consultations were undertaken around the country, followed by an online survey for members. Having taken on board this feedback an updated proposal now sets out the plan to modernise, streamline and improve the administration of hockey for the benefit of players, clubs and the organising bodies.

This presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to systematically improve the sport while aligning our collective efforts more effectively.

The proposals will help to create:
• A fairer structure for clubs and participants to progress within competitions and league structures
• Common league rules across the genders and different areas
• Improved junior competition structures
• Less travel for clubs and players
• Common structures and approaches that will make administration easier for clubs and associations
• A leaner, more accountable structure that will be easier to improve in the future, aligned to clubs' wishes

To read more about the proposals please see the following:
• Summary version - click here
• Full detailed proposal - click here
• Area maps and draft adult league structures - click here

AGM Resolution: A Structure fit for the Future - Exec summary cover       AGM Resolution: A Structure fit for the Future - Full version cover

All member bodies of England Hockey – namely clubs and member associations – will be able to vote on the proposals at the 2020 England Hockey AGM on 17 March. In early February 2020 voting instructions will be sent to England Hockey key contacts in each organisation, along with the resolution and instructions on how to vote.

If you have any questions related to your organisations voting rights or the proposal in general, please email