Amazing fundraisers from schools, clubs and hockey players

Havant HC - Fundraising
It's been truly inspiring to see how many clubs, schools and hockey players from across the country have come up with their own fantastic fundraising ideas to help raise money to aid the Covid-19 relief effort.

We've collated as many as we could find so check out these awesome efforts below.

Have we missed your club off? Just let us know by emailing or messaging us on social media (@EnglandHockey) and tell us how you're getting involved.

University of Sussex Women’s Hockey Club
They are running, walking and cycling the equivalent distance between Land’s End and John O’Groat’s (1,407km) in just 10 days in order to raise money for Refuge and help those suffering from domestic abuse.

They finished their challenge in just eight days (with one player running 113km on her own) and have raised nearly £1,200. Find out more and donate by clicking here.

University of Leeds Men’s Hockey Club
With their planned tour to Croatia cancelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, these athletes instead ran the 1,251 miles they would have travelled to the town of Porec.

They completed their effort on 24 April and have beaten their target of raising £1,251 for NHS Charities Together. Help them get over the link by clicking here to donate.

Sheffield HC
Throughout April, members of Sheffield HC ran a minimum of 3km a day to say thank you to all the incredible frontline workers and raise money for NHS Charities together.

They’ve already smashed their initial fundraising target of £1,000 and have reached £1,767 at the time of writing. Find out more and donate by clicking here.

Latymer Upper School
Latymer Upper School’s senior squad set themselves a target to run as far as possible collectively between 13-20 April. In total, they managed an astonishing 905km between them (the equivalent of running from their school to the tip of the Scottish mainland) and raised £3,437.

You can still donate though by clicking here.

Godolphin & Latymer School
Players from the school’s 1st XI are aiming to run a combined 3,000km in 30 days to raise money for NHS Charities Together. They’ve already raised a staggering £6,160 but want to reach £7,500.

Help them achieve their target by clicking here.

Reeds School
Over the last two season, Reed School’s Hockey XI calculated that they’ve travelled around 1,500 miles across a 17-game unbeaten cup run.

As a result they are planning on running that distance in 28 days, finishing on 2 May as that’s exactly one year since they won the Notts Sport Boys’ Schools U18 T1 final.

You can donate to their cause by clicking here.

University of Warwick Ladies’ Hockey Club
On Sunday 10 May, 40 members of the club will be running 10km to raise funds for NHS Charities Together.

They’ve already nearly reached their target of £1,000 but want to raise more. You can donate by clicking here.

University of Warwick Men’s Hockey Club
Another university side whose tour was cancelled, UWMHC are instead running, walking and cycling the distance from Warwick to Prague instead (1,440km).

They’ve now reached their target in terms of distance and raised nearly £1,600 for NHS Charities Together. Donate by clicking here.

James Fair
Between 24-25 April, former international goalkeeper James Fair and his fellow King Edward’s School, Birmingham teacher George Browning challenged themselves to see how far they could ride on a static bike in 24 hours.

So far they’ve raised £2,200 - click here to donate.

Alan Forsyth
The GB and Scotland forward raised a staggering £8,491 for the NHS by putting together a raffle where one lucky person won some very special hockey memorabilia of his.

Harry Gibson
England and GB goalkeeper Harry Gibson will be completed a marathon 12-hour catching challenge on 29 April to raise money for a local care home that looked after his grandma.

He is estimating to produce 15,000-18,000 catches during the time (replicating the 12 hour shifts many of our fantastic key workers put in every day) and wants your help to raise as much money as possible.

Find out more and donate by clicking here.

Hannah Macleod & Susannah Townsend
These two Olympic gold medallists took part in the #26OlympiansChallenge on Sunday 26 April alongside the likes of Becky Adlington, Tom Daley, Anthony Ogogo and Amy Williams.

Both of our athletes are raising money for MIND – click here to find out more and donate.

England U16 Girls
With their summer games against Belgium, Germany and Scotland all cancelled, the England U16 girls squad instead decided to run the 2,070 miles they would have travelled to reach the three countries.

In just over one week they’ve raised £2,752 for NHS Charities Together (well over their original target) – you can donate by clicking here.

Kingston Grammar School
The school’s U15A Girls’ squad are running from Kingston to Inverness (2,000km) between 16 April and 15 May.

In just over a week they’ve already beaten their original target of raising £4,000 – how much can they raise by the time the challenge in completed?

Donate by clicking here.

Timperley HC
A group of 24 players form the clubs will be completing a marathon every single day between them throughout May.

Even before this fantastic effort has started, they've already raised nearly half of their £1,000 target - how high can we get this to go?

Find out more and donate by clicking here.

University of East Anglia Men's and Women's Hockey Clubs
On Monday 27 April, these two squads combined to collectively cycle the collective distance from their university to Kennemer Hockey Strawberries HC in Amsterdam, where they were due to be touring this year, and back.

Within three days they've already achieved 1.5x their original target and have covered 861km out of 1,419.4km.

Check out their fantastic work and donate to NHS Charities Together by clicking here.

Bicester HC
Following the loss of a hugely valued club member, Bicester HC have been raising money for the Sobell House Hospice Charity.

They've already raised more than £3,000 and anything you can donate would be hugely appreciated. Find out more by clicking here.

Oxford HC

This club have been working with local businesses to help put together care packages for team-mates & their colleagues working for the NHS at the moment.

Find out more by reading our story here. You can also donate to help them continue to purchase the contents of the packages here.

James Gall and Hannah Martin
These two senior England and GB internationals also took part in their own #TwoPointSixChallenges to raise money for their chosen charities.

James walked 2.6km while constantly juggling a hockey ball on his stick (if he dropped it he had to start again) while Hannah completed 26 spins with her ball attached to her stick.

You can help James raise money for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) by clicking here.

James Riley (Alderley Edge)
Another #TwoPointSixChallenge, Alderley Edge HC's James Riley ran a full 2.6m dressed in his entire hockey kit. That's some effort!

He's already raised £903 for East Cheshire Hospice - can we help him reach the £1,000 mark? Click here to donate.

Jennifer Thomas (Guernsey Hockey)
Having never run a marathon before, Guerney U18 captain Jennifer set herself the target of running 26.2 miles in her garden and completed it in less than five-and-a-half hours.

She ran approximately 635 laps of her garden to complete the feat and raised nearly £1,500 for Guernsey's Social Investment Fund, who provide charities struggling during the current pandemic.

University of Bath
Having had to cancel their planned tour to Rimini in northern Italy, the University of Bath instead took it upon themselves to collectively run 2,256m (the journey to the Italian town and back) as a team to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

They will be finishing their epic journey on 8 May and have already smashed their initial target of £2,000. Can they make it to £3,000 by the weekend? Click here to donate.

Buxton HC
Buxton's 1st XI have set themselves the challenge to run the 903 miles they travelled between games this season in just seven days.

They started on Monday 4 May and will be hoping to complete their journey on Sunday 10 May. They've already raised more than £200 but want to hit the £1,000 mark by the weekend. Click here to donate.

Old Cranleighan HC
Members of the club have been working together with the East Elmbridge Food Bank to put together food packages in support of the local community during the current pandemic.

We will be sharing more of their fantastic work later this week.

Cirencester HC
Between 1-31 May, Cirencester HC are planning on collectively running, cycling and walking a combined 40,000km in a 'Race Around The World' (which equates to 66km a week per individual if 150 people sign up).

They're doing it to raise money for Cirencester Foodback - click here to find out more and get involved.

Jack Waller
England and GB defender Jack Waller is part of an eight-strong team running 100 miles between them on Friday 8 May. Each individual will cover 12.6 miles each and they will complete it in a relay format.

Jack is hoping to raise money for Age UK and there's still time to help the group reach their target of £3,000. Click here to donate.

Crowborough HC
On 9 May members of Crowborough HC will be raising money for Hospice in the Weald by hosting a virtual hockeython.

As a club they will be moving a hockey ball constantly throughout the day, with each participant having to keep it rolling for 15 minutes before passing onto the next.

They're so close to reaching their target of £650 - let's help them get over the line! Click here to donate.

Oliver (Surbiton HC)
Between 8 April and 8 May, this youngster ran a combined total of 100km by charging up and down the hills around his house, completing at least 3km a day.

He did so to raise money for Cherry Trees, a charity who help children and young people with disabilities.

So far he's raised £850 but there's still time to donate and take him to the £1,000 mark. Click here to donate.

Witney HC
This club have certainly been bold in the challenge they have set themselves. Initially their women's 3rd XI wanted to walk/run/cycle the combined length of travelling to all their fixtures this season. But that soon evolved into the whole club coming together to run the length of the UK.

They weren't satisfied there though and have set themselves a second challenge of running the length of the famous Route 66 in the US.

Combined, that means the clubs would have run more than 5,000km between them!

They are raising money for the NHS by doing this and you can donate by clicking here.

Merton HC
On 28 April, youngsters from Merton HC came together to record 26 consecutive one minute hockey skills challenges as part of the #TwoPointSixChallenge.

There's still time to donate towards their cause and raise money for their chosen charities (NHS Charities Together and Childline) - click here.

Charlotte (Cirencester HC)
Another hockey player who completed the #TwoPointSixChallenge, Charlotte completed 26 hockey challenges and released them on her Instagram account (@lottiehockey) for 26 hours.

She raised £400 for the Pied Piper Appeal, who helped her brother out while he was in hospital last year, but there is still a chance to donate. Click here to find out more.

Bridgnorth HC
Every year members of the club take on the Bridgnorth walk to raise money for Severn Hospice.

Unfortunately they can't go on the walk this year but that won't stop them. Instead, members of the club will join together this coming Bank Holiday Weekend (23-25 May) to run/walk/jog for 48 consecutive hours.

Find out more and donate by clicking here.

Old Loughtonians HC U15 Boys
A group of 18 boys from the club's U15 section will be combining for an epic #TwoPointSixChallenge on Sunday 31 May to help raise money for a local charity.

Between 10am-5:15pm, the players will carry out a virtual relay with a hockey ball for 26,000 seconds which you will be able to watch live on Facebook by clicking here.

Find out more and donate by clicking here.

Millie (Gosport HC)
Determined to do her bit to help out Pancreatic Cancer UK during lockdown, Millie ran a mile across 24 consecutive days, including running the last mile in full goalkeeper kit.

Having initially set herself a goal of raising just £100, she's now raised more than £1,250! She isn't satisfied there though and would like to raise as much as possible.

If you would like to donate please click here.

Durham University HC - Men's 1st XI
Having recently been promoted to the Men's Hockey League Premier Division for the first time, 13 members of Durham's 1st XI who will be graduating this summer have taken on the huge challenge of covering the 5,296 miles the team will be travelling next season.

So far they've completed around 20% of their mileage but they've already smashed their initial target of £2,000.

There's still plenty more time to donate though - click here.

Newcastle University Ladies HC
On 5 May 2020, the entirety of Newcastle University Ladies HC came together for an epic challenge to raise money for a domestic abuse charity called Wearside Women in Need.

Each of their six teams walked, ran and/or cycled at least 173km each in memory of the 173 women killed in the UK last year by domestic abuse. In total they covered more than 1,400km and raised a fantastic £3,768.

Michael Condon
Having volunteered with Headway Leicester for nine months, Michael - father of England and GB international David Condon - decided to raise money for the charity by dying his hair.

When people donated to his cause, they had the choice of choosing for Michael to dye his hair blue, green or orange. The former was chosen and on 30 May he stuck to his word and now sports a striking electric blue look.

He's also raised more than £3,500 so far. You can donate and see his new look by clicking here.

LSE HC and Harry Martin
LSE HC have teamed up with England and GB international Harry Martin to raise money for Show Racism The Red Card, the UK's leading anti-racism education charity.

Between 8-22 June, they will be running 1,000km between them with Harry having kicked off their journey by running the first leg.

They've already smashed their initial target of raising £1,000 and have now doubled it. You can donate by clicking here

Oxford University HC
Another university whose summer tour plans have been scuppered, all seven of Oxford University HC's teams are now instead walking/running/jogging the 1,739km between their campus and Krakow, Poland.

That means that the club will be covering a combined 13,912km, which is an impressive effort. Each team has chosen their own charity to raise money for and they've already hit their initial £3000 target.

Click here to add your donation and to follow their progress.

University of Bristol Ladies HC

Across a two week period, 59 members of this university club ran between 50-100km to raise money for women's aid.

In total they ran more than 4,350km across the 14 days and raised a staggering £5,635. There's still time to donate to their cause though - click here to do so.

England U18 Girls
Having seen their younger colleagues already do some brilliant work, England's U18 Girls' squad have set themselves their own challenge.

Having had their European Junior Hockey Championships postponed, the squad have instead decided to walk, run and cycle the 4,000km between Lilleshall and Kazan by 12 July.

They're raising money for NHS Charities Together and Medecins San Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders and have so far reached £1,800. However they want to have collected at least £2,000 - click here to donate.

Gillingham Anchorians HC
On 13-14 June, members of this Kent-based club joined together to take part in the Endure24 national running event to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

Across a period of 24 hours, the club had at least one person running at each moment. This includes people who ran through the night and in the early hours of the morning.

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part, including former chairman Gary Jackson who clocked up 31 miles in the first few hours alone!

Old Halesonians HC
Who else has found virtual quizzes to be one of the key things that have helped them through lockdown?

Old Halesonians have used their own versions to help raise money for a number of different charities in their local area. In their first four events alone they have raised nearly £1,200 and have plans for future quizzes too. Amazing work guys.

Royal Grammar School Worcester
Having had their plans for the season scuppered by Covid-19, the senior girls at RGS Worcester were determined to keep the hockey spirit alive while also raising money for charity.

Inspired to one day play at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre, they set out with a target of cumulatively running the distance to the stadium and back from Worcester.

In total, they completed more than 900km between them (the combined distance from Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre to their school and back plus thousands of laps of the pitch) in just two weeks and raised more than £1,000 for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Charity.

Find out more and donate to their cause by clicking here.

Loughborough University Women's HC
On Saturday 20 June, Loughborough University's women held a whole-club quiz where players and their families came together to raise money for the NHS and BEAT Eating Disorders.

They've so far raised nearly £700 but want to hit the £1,000 mark. Help them by donating here

Wapping HC - Ladies 7th XI
Throughout June 2020, the squad took on the challenge of walking, running and paddle boarding at least 700km to raise money for the First Love Foundation - Tower Hamlets Food Bank.

Not only did they smash their distance target (moving an accumulated 1,061.4km) they've also raised more than £1,000. There's still time to donate too - click here.

Leeds HC
The club have combined with their junior kit supplier to create bespoke shirts to raise money for NHS Charities Together and Mind.

Not only are they raising money for a fantastic cause, the shirts look awesome too!

Lisa Prince

An Olympic bronze medallist and European champion with GB and England respectively, Lisa has continued to be an amazing ambassador for our sport in recent years with her amazing coaching.

Her friends have now put together a crowdfunding campaign to allow Lisa to have the surgery she needs on her troublesome knee and allow her to continue her fantastic coaching.

Click here to donate.

Urmston HC
Across July 2020, a group of players from Urmston HC will be running 2,633km between them. That's the combined distance to all of their away matches across the course of a season.

They are raising money for Cancer Research UK, Mind and to help with their 1st XI and would like as much support as possible. For more information, click here.

Ben Rhydding HC
After their pitch was damaged by flooding earlier this year, a group of players from the club will be cycling from Whitehaven to Whitby to raise money to help fund the repairs.

They will be covering the 254km journey across three days in July 2020 and you can donate here.

City of York HC
Across a three month period (26 June - 26 September 2020), the club are challenging their members to run, cycle or swim to virtually visit as many clubs in Yorkshire as they can.

With more than 77 in the Yorkshire league and a possible 712km to cover, prizes are on offer for those who 'visit' as many clubs as they can.

Find out more here.

Olton & West Warwicks HC
Determined to do their bit, the women's section at Olton have been very busy over the last few months. The 1st XI walked/ran a combined 1,275km (the number of hospitals in the UK) in just two weeks and raised a fantastic £2,000 in the process.

The rest of the women's section added another 1,800km to the total and raised another £2,000. Furthermore, the club has also spent a lot of time baking and delivering cakes to NHS facilities in the local area. Amazing work all round.

Royal Veterinary College HC
Throughout July 2020, the club showed fantastic spirit to walk, run and cycle a combined 6,348km across the month to raise money for Black Lives Matter and Show Racism The Red Card.

They've so far raised £800 but there's still time to send them your donations - click here to do just that. 

University of Manchester Men's HC
Following on from the devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon the squad are raising money to help with the relief effort. They are aiming to collectively cycle the 2,700m distance between Manchester and Beirut in just 12 days between them and raise £1,000 in the process.

For more information and to donate please click here.

Sarah Hart (Fylde HC)
On 18 August, Sarah ran a full 5km cladded out in goalkeeping kit to raise money for the Stroke Association. She competed the feat alongside friend and colleague Phil, who suffered two strokes in 2016. Together they ran 17 laps of Fylde's hockey pitch.

There's still time to donate too - click here.

Didsbury Greys LHC
To get their competitive juices flowing ahead of the upcoming season, the members of the club have split into two teams to see who can be the first to reach 1,000 miles between them.

Members have been asked to walk, run, hop, skip, lunge, swim or cycle the distance and they are all doing it for Dementia UK. For more information, click here.

Rotherham HC
Over the last couple of years, the club have been raising funds for Chris Parke after a sporting accident left him paraplegic with limited upper body movement.

GB Olympian George Pinner has donated some of his kit from Rio 2016 to the club and they are now auctioning it off to raise additional aids for Chris. You can submit your bid before it closes on 4 September here.

Warwick Mixed HC
Across the first half of September 2020, the team from Warwick Mixed HC collectively walked, run and cycled 2,400km.

They did so to raise money for the club's charity Coventry Haven and help raise money for those suffering from domestic abuse.

To find out more, click here.

Havant HC 
During Havants COVID-19 Return To Play sessions they set up to support their local Foodbank. Havant raised both donations of foodstuffs and a cash donation of £300 from the pitch booking fees.
It was a fantastic effort from by all the Club members.

See their fantastic effort here.