National Schools Championships 2020-21 entry details

Entry opens for 2020-21 National Schools Championships

England Hockey is pleased to confirm that entry into the following national tiered Schools Championships for 2020-21 season is now open. 

Girls' and Notts Sport Boys' U18 Tier 1 Schools Championships 
Girls' and Notts Sport Boys' U18 Tier 2 & Tier 3 Schools Championships 
Girls' and Notts Sport Boys' U16 Tier 1 & Tier 2 Schools Championships

The deadlines for entry are: 

02 June - Girls' and Boys' U18 Tier 1  
09 June - Girls' U16 Tier 1 & Tier 2 and U18 Tier 2 & Tier 3
08 October - Boys' U16 Tier 1 & Tier 2 and U18 Tier 2 & Tier 3

In opening entry this is based of course on the hope that school sport will be able to restart in September. If this is not possible then the dates and formats of the championships may need to be revised in line with the current Government guidance and Schools' implementation of these at that time.

We will communicate fully with participating schools if changes need to be made. If schools are unable to participate, for example where a format has changed, entry fees will of course be refunded.   

The Girls and Boys U18 Tier 1 Championships are run as area leagues with fixtures in both the Autumn and Spring terms. They are aimed at elite schools. They ran last year through to the semi- final stage, sadly the two finals remain unplayed.

The Girls' and Notts Sport Boys' Schools Championships are designed so that, whatever a school’s level of hockey activity, there is a suitable Championship to help provide appropriate competitive opportunities for your students. This is highlighted by Championships in 2019-20 at different levels of the hockey scale.

Entry to the following Championships that are nationally organised is now open and for more details of them see the Information Pack which includes details of the formats and competition dates.

In addition to the above the following Championships are organised locally with County, Regional and where highlighted*, national finals.

Girls' and Notts Sport Boys' U18 Tier 4* Schools Championships 

Girls' and Notts Sport Boys' U16 Tier 3* Schools Championships 

Girls' and Notts Sport Boys' U14 Tier 1*, Tier 2* & Tier 3 Schools Championships

Boys and Girls In2Hockey Boys’ and Girls’ U13 Tier 1*. U12 Tier 2 and U11 Tier 1 Schools Championships  

If you are looking for new opportunities for participation in these Championships please contact - in the first instance. This will enable us to put you in touch with local competition organisers.  

You can see details of this season’s national Championships here which will allow you to see which schools participated in them.


Background & further details

For details of the full range of Championships click here. This also includes a link to details of the consultation in 2016 and 2017 England Hockey with clubs and schools about its annual programme of competitions. 

One of the key messages we heard the most was the need to provide appropriate competition depending on a team’s ability. This is particularly relevant to our schools competitions where up until 2018-19 all schools entered the same level of competition, whatever their level of hockey activity or ability.

England Hockey had successfully introduced tiered Championships for clubs – adults, masters and juniors - in the 2017-18 season. In 2018-19 we introduced tiered Schools Championships. These Championships provide different levels of competitive opportunities for schools. England Hockey will provide guidance on which Tier may suit which level of school team, however this can only be guidance, and within any Tier there may still be teams of variable experience and ability.

The competitions offer includes ones based on the traditional County based competitions leading to Regional and National finals, knockout competitions and, at U18 level, a two term league for high performing schools specialising in hockey.

We have categorised schools as follows (See Appendix i below for full definition):

  1. High performing schools
  2. Intermediate schools
  3. Emerging schools

Nb - All competitions are 11-a-side unless shown

U18 Tier 1 (High Performing Schools)

The chance for high performing hockey schools to specialise at this age group. Participating schools to play each other in elite leagues with knockout stages leading to a grand final.

4 Area Premier Leagues of up to 8 teams per League. Top teams qualify for knockout stages & national final. 


U18 Tier 2 (High Performing & Intermediate Schools)  

U16 Tier 1 (High Performing & Intermediate Schools)

The excitement of a knockout competition leading to a final. 

A national knockout competition – teams are drawn locally in early rounds leading to national quarter finals, semis and final  

Early Round losers are automatically entered for a Plate competition (these are the U18 Tier 3 and U16 Tier 2 Championships).