Oxford HC raise money to produce care packages for NHS heroes

Care Package - NHS 1
Oxford Hockey Club’s ‘Blue Army’ have been supporting team-mates and their colleagues working in the John Radcliffe Hospital by providing them with care packages.

With many NHS staff working in unfamiliar wards, working long shifts and staying away from their families, the club decided they wanted to do something to help them out.

They approached local businesses to help put together the care packages to support workers throughout the hospital’s wards, with each person receiving toiletries, snacks, scrub bags and much more.

Care Package - NHS Tea

With many of their players members of the NHS (and with some having to visit as patients too), the club wanted to give something back and found that this was one of the ways they could say thank you to all our fantastic key workers during this difficult time.

Care Package - NHS 4

Oxford HC have set up a fundraising page asking for donations to help go towards providing the care packages. Click here to see how you can get involved.

Do you have a similar story? How are you/your club helping to raise money for the NHS? Let us know by emailing stories@englandhockey.co.uk.