Update on the adjourned England Hockey AGM

Further to the adjourned England Hockey AGM on 17 March 2020 England Hockey is now in a position to advise on the proposed next steps. The AGM agenda included a number of regular items that are addressed every year as well as the significant matter of seeking membership approval of the Structure Fit for the Future proposals (see www.englandhockey.co.uk/agmresolution). 

The England Hockey articles do not allow for an AGM to be held electronically.  In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, the government are making allowances for companies regarding the filing of the relevant end of year paperwork. Having made the necessary enquiries with our auditors, the 2018-19 England Hockey accounts have been filed at Companies House, noting they are  subject to membership retrospective approval when the adjourned AGM is eventually reconvened, allowing for amends to be filed if necessary. 

A new date has not yet been set for the England Hockey AGM. When the situation allows, a time and date will be published to reconvene the adjourned AGM in the appropriate manner with sufficient notice in line with the articles of England Hockey.

Obviously without the vote from the membership taking place at the AGM, the Structure Fit for the Future proposals are not yet approved. The Board of England Hockey still has the appetite to pursue the work against the initial timescales due to the level of engagement and support from the membership in the run up to the adjourned AGM. The staff at England Hockey will therefore start to develop the next stages of the proposals in line with the timeline set out. Clubs, Associations and other membership bodies can expect to be invited to provide information to develop the next level of detail in the proposals. The Board is clear that the implementation of this work will only progress subject to membership approval.

We hope that those that have supported the work so far and provided advice and feedback will continue to do so with the aim of helping to ensure that the proposals can best deliver against the benefits they will bring to the game for generations to come.  

If you have any questions please email agm.resolution@englandhockey.co.uk.

More information on the Structure Fit for the Future Proposals is here: