England Hockey stands united against racism

England Hockey
England Hockey stands united against racism. We recognise that all of us in the sport have a collective responsibility to make hockey the best it can be.

First and foremost, England Hockey are against discrimination of any kind and actively seeks to stamp out discriminative behaviour within our sport. Disrepute complaints, including incidents of racism, are dealt with very seriously by our disrepute complaints process.

The experiences shared by members of the hockey community this week were extremely disappointing and sad to hear. Any reports of abuse that are sent to disrepute@englandhockey.co.uk will be investigated fully, and we will use those reports to improve opportunities for all in hockey.

Last year we set up a Diversity and Inclusion working group with the purpose of creating a strategy that would lead our work in this area. Its scope includes both the wider sport and England Hockey itself.

We recognise that hockey performs well in embracing many groups whilst having work to do in creating the right environment for all, including the BAME community.

Our belief is that initiatives we put in place need to be part of an over-riding strategy to ensure that their impact is long-lasting and sustainable.