Draft calendar in the event of 2020-21 season being delayed

London Wayfarers in action
As set out in England Hockey’s Return to Play Roadmap, we have identified that different versions of the calendar may be required should the 2020-21 season be delayed beyond the traditional September start date.

At this stage we are still planning for the resumption of hockey to start in accordance with the regular season timeline as outlined in the original Centralised Calendar, i.e. a “Normal” season as defined in the Roadmap.

However, we have a responsibility to look forward and consider the implications we have previously outlined in our Roadmap. In line with this we have drafted an ‘Option B – Delayed’ version of the calendar.

It is important to note that this calendar is a draft for illustrative and planning purposes only – it does not indicate any fixed date for a restart of hockey – but shows how we may move forward should there be a requirement to further postpone a return to play.

This ‘Option B – Delayed’ looks at a season starting in late October. The season would be extended until early May in order for a full season to be completed but delayed. In this version there has been no need to revise the principles or format of any activity.

The calendar has remained largely unchanged, however, the points in the Appendix below, should highlight any differences from the current Centralised Calendar.

As part of this process we would like to offer the hockey community an opportunity to feedback on the draft version of calendar ‘Option B – Delayed’. You can do so by completing the survey here. If you have any queries they should be directed to competitions.info@englandhockey.co.uk.

We will continue to refer to our Roadmap and will keep our channels up to date with the latest news surrounding this topic. Please visit our dedicated Covid-19 response page here, for all the latest information. If and when necessary, an announcement will be made to confirm once calendar ‘Option B – Delayed’ is to be used.

We are hopeful of a return to hockey as soon as possible. The plans above have been drawn up in good time to help the hockey family with preparations should we need to delay. If the restrictions remain in place for longer still, we would then look to draft an ‘Option C – Revised’ version of the calendar as outlined in our Return to Play Roadmap.

How to view the draft calendar
For the 'Option B - delayed calendar' please click here or on the thumbnail immediately below.

Return to Play Option B calendar


Calendar Key
• Anything highlighted in grey would be lost and will be removed from the calendar.
• New activity or activity that would be moved into the active part of the season has been highlighted in yellow.
• Although the numbering of fixtures has been revised it is envisaged that the actual originally scheduled fixture on any date will be played then and the fixtures during any period of inactivity - in this example England Hockey League matches from 26 September to 25 October - will be rescheduled to the new dates.

Notable changes
• Adult League dates have been added as indicative dates as an example of how a 12-team division may be rearranged in line with the new start date. However, these dates may differ from those shown as they are ultimately determined by individual leagues.
• Women’s Hockey League & Men’s Hockey League dates would be delayed and rearranged.
• Men’s Adult Tiered Championships would lose Round 1 and would start from Round 2.
• Girls’ Schools dates would be delayed and rearranged.

What has been lost in the early part of the season?
• Some Junior Club League, National Age Groups, and Masters’ activity would be lost and would be rearranged where possible as indicated on the calendar.
• Performance Centre activity would be delayed until 2021, starting again on Sunday 3 January. This is to support the selection process, which requires more time than is currently allocated on Monday evenings only.
• Some Academy Centre dates and the already rearranged 2019-20 EH Championships Finals would be lost and would not be rearranged for a later date.

What the calendar doesn’t include
• As per the original centralised calendar there is still some activity to be added. This includes; FIH Hockey Pro League, EHL Prem and GB EDP dates. This activity will be added once the international calendar is confirmed.