Ellie Rayer speaks about staying active during lockdown for National School Sport Week at Home 2020

Ellie Rayer - Maidenhead 2019 8
This National School Sport Week at Home 2020 we spoke to England and Great Britain hockey player Ellie Rayer about the importance of looking after your physical and mental health especially during lockdown. She spoke about the challenges and the changes she has had to make since going into lockdown back in March. 

‘This lockdown has been a completely new challenge for everyone but also a completely different experience for every individual at the same time! The importance of the ‘1-hour daily exercise’ that we had initially has been hugely apparent across the board. 

Staying active, alongside and on top of training, during lockdown has been really important in maintaining both my physical and mental wellbeing during this lockdown period.

The rush of endorphins after a tough  running session, the serenity after some chilled yoga and the buzz of having some social interaction and training buddies with a virtual circuit session with team mates has been great. Being able to switch off to everything going on and channel all my focus and energy into something else has been invaluable. 

Checking in and exercising with team mates, friends and family (following all guidelines) in new ways that I’ve not been able to before has kept things fresh and shown how important staying connected and looking out for those around you has been during this period.

A couple of times I’ve found myself feeling quite restless so getting out and exploring either on foot, on my bike or on my paddle board has been great and has definitely improved my sleep helping me feel more refreshed the following day.

I’m the type of person that struggles to sit still and loves being out and about spending time outdoors so I’ve embraced the opportunity of training differently and thinking outside the box to get sessions done! That being said I can’t wait to get back on the pitch with the girls at Bisham!’