Team of the week is back!

Team of the week 2019/20
With the return to hockey happening for so many in England over the next few weekends we felt it was the perfect time to bring back Team of the Week.

Here are some things you need to know…

What is Team of the Week?
Each week we ask you, the hockey family, to nominate players on social media who you feel had a game of a lifetime. It could be because they scored lots, created space which lead to victory, they could be a demon in defense, or they are simply just the most amazing teammate. But this year we are adding in a few extra people…

What’s changing?
We are adding in two umpires and volunteer of the week.

How do I nominate someone?
Head over to the England Hockey Facebook and Twitter pages, look out for a post on Saturday afternoon and simply leave a comment with your nomination.

What do I need to comment?
Player’s/umpire/volunteer’s full name 
Position they play, the role they play or if they’re an umpire
The club or association they are linked to 
Why they deserve to make the Team of the Week
A photograph if you have one

When do I need to enter by?
Entries close Monday 8am

What happens next?
England Hockey look over your nominations and pick the Team of the Week. We will then post the team on Wednesday or Thursday.

Can I enter more than once?
Yes, you can. You can nominate as many people as you like, and you can nominate them on a weekly basis if you feel they deserve it.