Senior County Championships Pools Drawn

The Pools for the Senior County Championships have now been drawn with matches to be held on the 9-10 May 2009.

The format of the competitions has changed for 2008-09.  The Menís tournament is now in three Divisions Ė A, B and C.  In the A and B Divisions, the winners and runners up of each Divisionís pools will contest the semi finals with the two semi final winners meeting in the final.  In the C Division, the top team in each of the C Division pools plus the second placed team with the best record will contest the semi finals and final.

The bottom teams in each of the A and B Divisions will be relegated and the two winning semi finalists in the B and C Divisions promoted for season 2009-10.
The Menís finals will be held at Abbeydale, the home of Sheffield Hallam HC, over the weekend 30-31 May 2009

In the Womenís competition, A and B Divisions have been introduced with promotion and relegation as per the menís competition.  The semi finals and finals of this competition will also be held on 30-31 May at a venue yet to be confirmed by the South Hockey Association.

The current County Championships A Division champions are Cheshire (men) and Cumbria (women).   

The Divisions and Pools are as follows:

Men's A Division
Pool 1 - Wakefield              Pool 2 - Cannock
Yorkshire Staffordshire
Nottinghamshire Shropshire
Cheshire Warwickshire
Lancashire Sussex
Oxfordshire Norfolk

Men's B Division
Pool 3 - Peterborough        Pool 4 - Chippenham
Cambridgeshire Channel Islands
Leicestershire Wilshire
Essex Army
Hertfordshire Berkshire
Bedfordshire Gloucestershire

Men's C Division
Pool 5 - Exeter University Pool 6 -  Portsmouth Pool 7 Durham
Devon Suffolk Isle of Man
Cornwall Royal Navy Durham
Herefordshire Buckinghamshire Northumberland
RAF Worcestershire Cumbria
Northamptonshire Lincolnshire

Women's A Division
Pool 1 - Chester                 Pool 2 - Ipswich
Cumbria Hertfordshire
Durham Suffolk
Humberside Middlesex
Lincolnshire Gloucestershire

Women's B Division
Pool 3 - Chester                Pool 4 - Stourport
Lancashire Northamptonshire
Cheshire Worcestershire
Shropshire Combined Services
Isle of Man Devon

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