Board Meeting Synopsis - March 2009

(Note: These are not the minutes)

Members Present: Sally Munday, Philip Kimberley, Ian Wilson, Holly Woodford, David Faulkner, Katie Dodd, Chris Darling, Ben Rea, Nick Chilton, Sue Catton

In attendance: Martin Gotheridge, Andy Tapley, Richard Leman and Simon McQueen

The meeting was requested to state whether there were any declarations of conflict of interest on items contained within the Agenda for the meeting.  There were no perceived conflicts of interest. 

1. Minutes of meeting held on 21 January 2009


The minutes were approved as a true record of the meeting.


1.1 Minutes of November
Minutes amended as requested at January Board meeting

1.2 Amended performance budgets
Amended performance budgets still being worked on and will be available at May Board meeting

1.3 Goalkeeping equipment
Ian Wilson had held a meeting with the police and Health and Safety Executive.

2. Medals in 2010 and 2012

2.1 Great Britain
Feedback from Great Britain Hockey Board Meeting - Philip Kimberley updated the meeting on the recent GB Hockey Board Meeting. The Board also discussed potential clarification of FIF Bye Law 5.2. 

2.2 England
David Faulkner set out the latest version of the England Performance plan and also outlined the situation with regards to the EIS.

3. Transparent Pathway

3.1 Sport England Funding and KPIs update
Holly Woodford reported that discussions had been held with Sport England (SE) reference the original 2009-13 funding request that was made.  Having now looked at the final funding outcomes agreement had now been reached on revised targets. 

3.2 Capital Funding distribution proposals
Sally Munday stated that she was seeking support from the Board to progress as indicated in the paper.  England Hockey would want to cross reference between clubs playing a part in the Single System and investment decisions and would prioritise clubs / hockey providers where EH wanted investment for Single System events and activities .  The Board also discussed the success of past capital funding initiatives and agreed that a more detailed review would take place.

4. Admired Identity

4.1 Women's Champions Trophy 2010 update
Andy Tapley advised that everything was well on track with all working groups up and running.  The next three months were the key periods; plans well in advance of where EH was with the 2007 Europeans. Very good people recruited to the Working Groups

4.2 2009 Awards Night update
Sally Munday advised that in excess of 500 nominations /votes had been received. The panel had been overwhelmed with the quality of the submissions particularly for the volunteer awards.  Candidates have now been short listed and have been contacted offering two free tickets and accommodation and advising of the process for buying further tickets.  Six clubs had been short listed for Club of the Year rather than the originally planned three.  There was some discussion about nominations regarding staff and board members.  The meeting was advised that a nomination had been received for a Board member which was an excellent nomination; the Board however agreed that it would feel uncomfortable with a Board member receiving an award in this first year. 

5. Financial Independence

5.1 Accounts to January 2009
Ian Wilson highlighted certain areas within the Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.  The end of March is the end of the funding cycle and performance expenditure is on track.  Looking at a non-performance surplus which is £150k ahead of budget, this is due to some underspend by national managers and some delayed Club and Coach Scheme expenditure; likely to fall back closer to budget. Reference the lack of interest return on cash balances at the moment, the Board agreed that this was something that needed to be looked at. 

5.2 Membership Scheme six month review
Sally Munday updated the Board on progress with the membership scheme; ahead of expectations in some areas and behind in others. The Board discussed initiatives which would encourage the sale of Silver memberships. 

The meeting congratulated Chris Jensen on the excellent work she had carried out in this area.

5.3 Sponsorship/supplier update
The Board discussed the current sponsorship and official supplier position. On track to meet budget this year but a review had been held to investigate potential future sources of revenue or benefit in kind.

6. Other

6.1 2009-2013 strategy for the sport
Sally Munday thanked Sue Catton and Katie Dodd for their significant feedback into the latest version of the strategy.  She advised the meeting that the content had not changed significantly but the layout had changed to read more effectively in the sub points.  The plan will be implemented from September 2009 and will drive the 2009/10 EH operational plans.  Although funding for the plan commences April 2009 some of the things within the plan were already in progress as the strategy is mainly about evolution.  The meeting was advised that the Strategy summary document would be included in the club mailing and be available at all regional meetings. 

6.2 New Executive director's job description
Sally Munday advised that the Executive team was seeking to appoint a fifth Executive Director with the emphasis being on Commercial and Membership matters.  They had gone through the strategy and looked at where it needed a lead officer for particular areas of work.  They were happy with the staffing structure but it needed a director to oversee membership and commercial matters. It would be a voting role provided that it would be a proportional vote with the Non-Executive Directors being able to out vote the Executive team-as per the Memorandum and Articles. The Board approved the Job Description.

6.3 Staffing structure to deliver 2009-2013 strategy
The Board was given an overview on the new staffing structure being proposed by the Executive Directors.

6.4 Affiliation Data
The meeting was given the latest affiliation data which showed a small increase in senior teams and a significant growth in junior teams.  The meeting felt that the junior growth was genuine.  Some clubs have substantial increases in young people becoming members.  The challenge remains keeping them in the sport.

6.5 Child Welfare Case management
Ian Wilson gave the board a summary of child welfare cases faced by England Hockey over the past two years.

6.6 Executive Reports
Chief Executive Report – taken as read. 

Marketing Activity – EH had met with three sponsorship agencies and has decided to appoint a company called Portas who are undertaking some work on a complete inventory of what EH/GB rights can be sold.  Once this work has been completed a decision will be made as to whether to appoint a sponsorship agency to search for a national team (and GB) and league sponsor or other sponsorship.  They are also looking at statutory grants and commercial money, plus looking at any major lines on expenditure. 

Performance Director – paper taken as read. 

Development Director – taken as read.  28,000 youngsters taking part at JDC, JAC and JRPC level once fully operational.

Finance Manager – taken as read.

6.7 2009 AGM Review
In terms of AGM business, umpiring and affiliation changes went through unopposed.  Attendance was extremely low again although the quorum had been achieved.  In view of the continual low turnout at the AGM it was agreed that Sundays were not proving attractive and a midweek AGM at Bisham Abbey would be tried in 2010. 

6.8 Bisham Abbey move
Ian Wilson updated the Board on progress with the HQ move from Milton Keynes to Bisham Abbey.  Andy Tapley advised that an issue had been raised at the RCC regarding legacy seats at the National Hockey Stadium; Laurie Alcock has now uplifted every named seat and installed these at Cannock HC.

6.9 2012 Legacy facilities
Philip Kimberley advised the Board of the current state of negotiations. Regular discussions take place between EH and the Olympic Delivery Authority, London Development Agency and the Lea Valley Regional Park Authority. Sally Munday and Ian Wilson will be meeting ODA/LDA/LVRPA again later this week when they will ask for clarification as to how they will be able to put in enough covered seats to host major international events.

6.10 Discipline
The Board discussed a disciplinary matter that had been raised by the South HA.
6.11 Declaration of directorships
Philip Kimberley advised the meeting that he been asked to become a Non-Executive Director of UK Sport and had also become chair of Nemisys.   

6.12 FIH Executive
Martin Gotheridge advised that the FIH’s Executive Board had met, the main business being the appointment of chairs and members of various committees. New committees appointed EH members as follows:

Sue Catton – Competitions
Martin Gotheridge – Competitions
David Collier – Chair Hockey Rules Board
Margaret Hunnaball - Hockey Rules Board
Pauline Wetton - Equipment
David Burt and Cathy Harris - Communication
Andy Tapley - Marketing

In terms of further influence at the FIH, Richard Wilson is now secretary of umpiring committee jointly with Dennis Meredith.  Roger Webb in charge of rules of equipment, judicial, doping. 

It was also suggested that there would be value in hosting an FIH Executive Board meeting on the back of the 2010 Women’s Champions Trophy. Important to use the event to network and raise EH profile.

7. AOB
David Faulkner highlighted that Ben Marsden had announced his retirement from international hockey.