Hockey Fan Takes to the Fourth Plinth

A hockey fan from the North East is set to use his hour of fame on Anthony Gormley's One & Other Fourth Plinth project in Trafalgar Square to promote the sport.

Former Sunderland Hockey Club member Alan Cormack signed up for a stint on the plinth several months ago and is now making his final preaprations for his hour, which starts at 11pm on Saturday night (3 October).

Alan CormackTo help promote the sport, Alan plans to do some stick and ball exercises during his hour and he will also be reading out the names of England's successful men's and women's teams at the recent EuroHockey Nations Championships.

In his biography for the project's website,, Alan says, "I enjoy a lot of what Anthony Gormley has done. The Angel of the North is beautiful and I liked Field.

"I think that One & Other is such an interesting project and the variety of people and what they have done has been fascinating.  I intend to publicise the sport of field hockey and will wear the strip of my favourite hockey club - from when I played some years ago - SUNDERLAND. I will knock a few balls around the plinth.

"I would recommend any person, male, female, young or old to join their local club, it's a great way to make lots of friends, travel to other areas and keep fit.

"If you live in or near Sunderland go and see the games and think about joining."

The club's website is

He finishes by asking readers of his profile to "give a thought to people with learning disabilities, and their carers, some of whom can be very disadvantaged by our society. Please be considerate and caring to those who are less able that perhaps you are."

England Hockey wishes Alan the best of luck.  Here's hoping it's a dry night.