Changes to the County Championships

England Hockey has agreed to support a recommendation from the Competitions Committee that the Women’s County Championships national tournament be discontinued for season 2009-10 onwards. 

This decision has been ratified by the Regional Consultative Committee.

The recommendation from the committee came in light of the decline in numbers of counties participating in the event in recent seasons.  In 2008-09 only 17 out of a possible 40 counties entered the competition.

In addition the Board agreed to support a recommendation to also discontinue the Men’s Junior (U21s) County Championships.  Again this is due to the low number of teams participating in the competition, with only 15 teams taking part in 2008-09. 

The Competitions Committee noted that there remains a stronger demand for the Men’s Senior County Championships, with 32 out of 40 sides entering in 2008-09.  This competition will continue to run in its existing format.