England Hockey Meeting Synopsis

Please find below a synopsis of England Hockey meeting that took place in September 2009.  Please note, these are not the board minutes. 

Members Present: Philip Kimberley, David Faulkner, Sue Catton, Sally Munday, Katie Dodd, Mark Armitage, Chris Darling, Ian Wilson, Ben Rea

In attendance: Simon Mason, Andy Tapley, and Richard Leman

Apologies: Nick Chilton and Simon MacQueen

Philip Kimberley welcomed Simon Mason to his first Board meeting in his capacity as Acting President of England Hockey and also congratulated David Faulkner on the recent excellent results at the European Championships.

Minutes of 20th July meeting 

a) Accuracy
The minutes were approved as a true record of the meeting.

b) Matters arising
• Community Club Development Programme report – the Board would be provided with a report on previous capital funding projects to take away from the meeting for background reading.
• Awards Dinner – feedback on the 2009 Big Night Out will be presented at next Board meeting
• Response to Premier League play off changes- some informal positive response had been received
• Long Pile Turf – there had been some feedback from the RCC on the new policy.
• Swine flu policy update – Sport England had been asked for guidance on cross sport policies for dealing with the implications of a large scale swine flu outbreak. 

1. Attract and retain more people in the sport

a) Sport England Satisfaction Survey presentation
The Board discussed results of the Ipsos MORI survey and considered areas of particular significance

2. Help our clubs and associations to develop and thrive

a) EHL premier league changes
The Board discussed plans to amend the EHL women’s premier league in line with the changes to the men’s play off proposals. Sally Munday advised that seven out of ten women’s clubs were supportive.  The men’s Premier League Forum had met about two weeks ago and had welcomed the Board’s support for their play off proposal. All premier league clubs had been written to, offering to arrange a meeting with them on an individual basis.  These letters have been very well received and meetings have now been set up with three quarters of the clubs. 

Work is also being undertaken on widening out the engagement programme for meeting with all clubs. Clubs want an open dialogue with EH.  The emphasis is being placed on listening to the clubs and saying EH are interested in what they think and what they anticipate doing. 

3. Embed the Single System

a) Facilities – Capital Investment Programme, Criteria, process and panel.

The Board discussed the forthcoming Capital Investment Programme. Early warning of the scheme had been given to clubs in July and although the timescales were tight it was accepted that any project which was able to meet the Sport England timetable would already have significant planning in place. The Board agreed that the investment should be priortised towards ClubsFirst clubs and those projects in line with England Hockey's strategic priorities.

4. Achieve International Podium Success

a) Men’s Junior World Cup review
David Faulkner highlighted certain areas within the report previously circulated.  He advised that subsequent exam results had demonstrated the commitment that the athletes had made.  There is a huge lesson to learn around duty of care outside of hockey.  He would discuss the  timing of the Junior World Cup with the FIH as the timing of this tournament put a huge amount of pressure on the athletes.  There are problems with the involvement of both professional and volunteer staff. 

Reference the past National Age Group players, research had been undertaken on where those players were now and what drop out rates were seen. Also important to change the perception that once in the U16 and U18s, athletes are set to remain in the programmes.  There was a shortage of young players of a standard able to compete in performance level competition. 

b) Women’s Junior World Cup report
Review not yet completed as athlete and management feedback not due in yet. DF advised closing date was Friday for reports to be in.  Excellent result considering four eligible players had been moved up to the senior group before the tournament

c) Women’s Champions Trophy report
In terms of the squad, there were only six players from Beijing that went to the WCT. It was therefore a challenging tournament. 

d) European Championships verbal report for information
Women’s review; an excellent result with an inexperienced squad. 

Men’s review; the performances as well as the results were very encouraging and the Board congratulated the squad and the management team on England’s first ever European gold medal.  

e) FIH bye law impact on selection policy for approval
The Board approved the new selection policy following the FIH bye law change.

5. Maximise the opportunities of 2012

a) 2012 Hockey House presentation
Mark Armitage advised that he had put together a group of members from the Board to have a kick off meeting for 2012 to get clarity around key audiences and a setting for those audiences at 2012.  Part of the meeting was to talk about the Hockey House, the outcome being that there are three audiences that Hockey House may be able to entertain: the first one is fans/supporters who would use before and after a game; second one is members, and the third one is corporate entertaining.  Having identified those three, for the first one (fans) to work it must be within ten minutes walk from the Olympic Park. Need to solve the first issue first before progressing to the other two. 
b) 2012 Working Group Terms Of Reference - revisit
The group will be meeting again shortly to progress.

c) Update on legacy facility
Sally Munday advised that the planning application for Eton Manor has now been submitted by the Olympic Delivery Agency.  500 seats to be covered by a roof in the main stand as the ODA had agreed at the last minute to find the cost of the roof.  Now developing relationship with Lee Valley Regional Park Authority who will own and manage the venue. All things progressing in a positive direction. 

Holly Woodford and Ian Wilson had presented the plans for Eton Manor to local clubs and received a very positive response.  Some clubs excited at possibility of expanding their clubs as current facilities in the area make it difficult to sustain what they have.  The five London boroughs are putting together a plan looking at what the priorities are for each borough and this should help facilities in the area.  A lot of value had been gained in getting all of the clubs in the same room.

6. Raise the sports profile and improve communication

a) Brand identity presentation
The Board looked at plans to update England Hockey’s brand identity.

b) Hockey on TV- update for information
The Board received an update on the various measures being considered to get hockey on TV.

c) 2014 World Cup Bid
Indications from the FIH are they have decided the 2014 World Cups will be either held jointly in October 2014 or separately in June and October.  They are quite enthusiastic about a joint men’s and women’s World Cup.  The Board agreed to undertake a feasibility study on hosting the 2014 World Cups. 

d) 2010 Women’s Champions Trophy
Andy Tapley advised that the FIH inspection visit was due to take place this week.  The event web site is now up and running; 120 people have currently volunteered. Planning now well advanced.

e) Recommendation and plans for International Influencing
The Board discussed how best to use the 2010 Women’s Champions Trophy for international influencing. It was agreed that England Hockey would look at the opportunities the event offered.

7. Broaden our income base

a) Sponsorship update
Mark Armitage updated the Board on efforts to seek new sponsors.

8. Enhance the quality of governance and operations

a) Accounts to July 09
Ian Wilson presented the management accounts to the end of July which was one month away from year end. It is looking likely that England Hockey will finish the year on or around budget despite interest income being well down.  Ian Wilson advised the Board that some credit balances had now been moved to Barclays due to a better rate of interest.

b) Vetting and barring legislation
This scheme has received a large amount of press coverage recently.  The Board was updated on latest developments which are still sparse. Although it comes into effect in October, England Hockey and other NGBs still know nothing of the actual detail.

c) Goalkeeping Helmet – Health and Safety
Ian Wilson updated the Board on H&S issues relating to goalkeepers' helmets.

d) VAT – Canterbury case outcome
The Board was advised on the outcome of the case. Clubs would receive a letter advising them of the details with their affiliation invoice. 

e) Staffing
Sally Munday updated the Board on current staffing matters.
f) New committee structure- terms of reference.
The Board approved various Terms of Reference for committees.

9. Other items

a) Executive Reports for noting
Reports approved as read.

Ian Wilson highlighted the date of the 2010 AGM as 23 March 2010 at Bisham Abbey

b) Sport England World class payments bureau
The Board was updated on an inquiry being undertaken by Sport England.

c) Nominations for Queens Honours
The Board considered nominations for honours.

d) Executive Director Job Descriptions
The Board was provided with the latest Executive Director job descriptions.

10. Any other business

• BR highlighted the article that had appeared in the Daily Telegraph. 
• The RCC highlighted the pressure currently on the volunteers.  Andy Tapley stressed that the Single System had added to the pressures but wasn’t solely responsible. The regional representative will take this matter to each of their regions with a copy of the minute of the discussion that took place at the RCC.  Each region will be tasked to come up with what they could do to make a significant difference.
• The Board thanked Sandra Richards as this was her last Board meeting.

The meeting closed at 16.30