London 2012 Legacy Hockey Stadium

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) has been granted planning permission for Eton Manor, which will host Wheelchair Tennis for London 2012 and will evolve into a legacy facility for hockey and tennis after the 2012 Olympic Games.

During the Olympics, Eton Manor will house three Olympic-size swimming pools, one synchronised swimming pool and one water polo pool that will be used during the Games for training.  During the Paralympics, Eton Manor will host Wheelchair Tennis. It will then be converted in 2013 into the legacy facility.
In legacy mode, the sports and leisure facilities at Eton Manor will be owned, operated and funded by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority (LVRPA), which has vast experience of providing sporting and recreational venues for the region.
The venue has been designed with legacy at the forefront of the ODA's plans, which means the facilities can be easily transformed after the Games.  The permanent elements at Eton Manor will include a hockey centre with two competition pitches, a tennis centre with four indoor and six outdoor courts and five-a-side football pitches.  The mountain bike trails forming part of the VeloPark, will also extend onto Eton Manor.  This will create a wide mix of sporting facilities for the local and regional community as well as elite athletes.

The Hockey competition at the 2012 Olympics will be played at a temporary venue in the Olympic park.  The temporary venue will be dismantled after the games with the two temporary pitches being lifted and moved to the Eton Manor site.

An artist's impression of the Eton Manor Hockey Legacy Facility for the 2012 Olympic Games

The legacy facility will likely be completed in late 2013 and will provide a much needed permanent competition venue for hockey and will play host to local clubs as well as domestic and international competition. Whilst England Hockey, the National Governing Body for the sport, will maintain its administrative and performance training home at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in Berkshire, the facility at Eton Manor will provide a 3,000 permanent seat stadium for hosting key events.    England Hockey is currently working closely with the future site owners and operators, LVRPA, to identify potential hockey clubs to use the facility and will also be bringing those clubs together with the 5 London Boroughs to start delivering development plans in the east end of London to drive up participation in the sport. England Hockey is also scoping out possible major events to be held there from 2014 onwards and working with UK Sport on its major events strategy for post 2012.

“England hockey has worked really hard with the ODA, LVRPA and other partners over the last three years to ensure that this opportunity to provide a real legacy for hockey from the 2012 games has been realised. This venue will provide a fantastic catalyst for developing hockey in the East end of London giving access to thousands of people who will have not previously played the sport. In addition it will provide a first class competition venue for regional, national and international events which Londoners and hockey enthusiasts UK wide will be able to enjoy for years to come” said Chief Executive of England Hockey Sally Munday.  

Shaun Dawson, Chief Executive, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority said “Eton Manor will be another outstanding venue for the people of London, the region and the whole country which Lee Valley Regional Park Authority will own, fund and manage in legacy, along with the VeloPark and the White Water Canoe Centre just north of the M25.

We’ll ensure Eton Manor’s superb sports venues are used by a variety of target groups with extensive community use, outreach and sports development programmes. It will join the other regional sports venues the Authority owns to create a chain of sporting excellence along the 26 mile long Lee Valley Regional Park.”

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