England Hockey Meeting Agenda

Please find below the Agenda for England Hockey meeting on 17 November 2009.

Minutes of 22nd September
b)Matters arising

1.Attract and Retain more people in the sport
a)Quicksticks- verbal update

2.Help our clubs and associations to develop and thrive    
a) Club engagement programme – verbal update

3. Embed the Single System       
a) Single System – verbal update

4. Achieve International Podium Success
a) Mission 2012 submission for noting
b) Report from JWC Women for noting
c) Report from Euros Men and Women for noting
d) GB Board update for noting
e) Security for international trips – Recommendation on process for decision making when visiting countries with security risks

5. Maximize the opportunities of 2012
a) Awards night 2010 – presentation for noting
b) TV update, EHTV, indoor & BBC – verbal for noting
c) 2012  plan summary of progress to date – verbal for noting

6. Raise the sports profile and improve communication
a) Brand identity update
b) WCT

7. Broaden our income base
a) Sponsorship and supplier - verbal update for noting

8. Enhance the quality of governance and operations
a) Operations plan update
b) Draft year end accounts to August 09 for discussion and information
c) Risk register
d) ACEVO work feedback and next steps – to be joined by ACEVO

9. Other Items
a) Executive reports for noting
b) Key issues from FIH Competitions Committee meeting – paper for discussion

10. AOB