England Women Conquer Europe in Rouen

England won the EuroHockey Indoor Nations Challenge in Rouen on Sunday morning after defeating Turkey, who finish bottom of the division, by ten goals.  The result means that England has achieved its target or securing promotion to the 2011 Trophy division.

It was another commanding performance by the English whose goals were scored by six different scorers including a hat-trick from Beckie Herbert and one from 19 year old Georgie Twigg.  Chloe Rogers, Susie Gilbert, Kerry Williams and Natalie Seymour also found the target for England who won the match 10-0.

England Head Coach Nick Clark said afterwards that he felt the team had earned its reward after a series of consistent performances: “We’re delighted,” he said.  “The girls have thoroughly deserved this reward from the way they have played across the weekend.  The highlight of the weekend was probably beating France 7-0 on Friday, although as I said at the time it wasn’t really a 7-0 game.  The fact that we’ve only conceded three goals all tournament is particularly pleasing and reflects the strength of the team.  We will look forward to playing in the Trophy in two years time.”

The win means that England have achieved exactly what they set out to do - sealing promotion to the EuroHockey Indoor Nations Trophy in 2011. 

Read the match report and see further details by click on the link below.