Centrally Contracted Coach Appointments

Following a comprehensive interview process, England Hockey is pleased to announce the appointment of the following Centrally Contracted Coaches (CCCs) in partnership with the Regional Hockey Associations.

Building on 2 years of centrally led coaching content the pool of coaches has been added to and have been placed in geographical groups around the JRPC’s

Venue Boys and Girls programmes Goalkeeper
1. Durham Keith Taylor   
John Wood  
Gareth Tyler   
  Malcolm Pratt
2. Leeds John Bell Roger Newcombe
Lewis Butcher Carolyn Reid
Vicky Joel Phil Edwards
3. Manchester Marc Bourhill   
Phil Capper  
Linda Carr  
4. Nottingham John Bleby  
Chris Roberts  
James Ross Steve Bayer 
  Graham Mansell-Grace 
5. Cannock Steve Floyd  Kelly Marshall
Mark Bateman James Fair
Jo Nightingale  Simon Lee
6. Oxford Steve Hardy  
Mark Moss  
Greg Wade  
7. St Albans William Thomsett   
Joe Cowans Lynn Dawson
  Stuart Hendy
8. Bury St Edmunds Chris Gladman Giles Dakin
Jamie Kingstone Helen Birch
  Hilary Rose
9. Tonbridge Kevin Johnson  
David Bridle  
10. Winchester Jem Evans  
Merijn Van Willegen   
  Amanda Ferebee
11. Exeter Charlie Seccombe Ben Dudley
Clare Hayes Tom Millington
12. Bristol Jody Paul  
Carolyn Rolleston