Spain up first for England in World Cup 2010

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has released the match schedule for the women’s BDO FIH World Cup 2010, to be played in Rosario, Argentina from 29 August-11 September 2010.

England's women listen to a half time team talk from Craig Parnham at Bisham Abbey

The first day of the BDO FIH World Cup 2010 (Sunday 29 August) will see tournament favorite and host Argentina meeting South Africa. The Asian affair between China and Korea will be the opening match of the BDO FIH World Cup. In the first match involving European sides, England will play Spain on day one.

Olympic and World Champion Netherlands will commence its campaign to defend the title on Monday 30 August against India. Other Pool A matches on the second day of play are Germany v New Zealand and Australia v Japan.

The first two ranked teams of each pool will proceed to the semi finals of the BDO FIH World Cup 2010, which are scheduled on Thursday 9 September. The final will be played on Saturday 11 September 2010.

Prior to all of this though, England's women are in action on home turf in the Samsung FIH Champions Trophy in Nottingham.  Tickets to see our future London Olympians playing five of the World's best teams from Saturday 10 - Sunday 18 July are available to buy now.  Click here to buy online or call the ticketing hotline on 08444 77 5678. 

Don't forget that the Champions Trophy provides a fantastic opportunity to see Olympic standard men's hockey with Great Britain men taking on Olympic Champions Germany, Oceania Cup Champions New Zealand and Japan in the Men's International Four Nations Tournament.  Matches take place on Champions Trophy rest days and tickets are available now. Click here to buy online or call the ticketing hotline on 08444 77 5678. 

BDO FIH World Cup 2010:
Rosario, Argentina; 29 August-11 September 2010
Pool A: Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, India.
Pool B: Argentina, China, Spain, England, Korea, South Africa.

Sunday 29 August 2010
14:30 B China – Korea
17:00 B Spain – England
19:30 B Argentina – South Africa

Monday 30 August 2010
14:30 A Netherlands – India
17:00 A Germany – New Zealand
19:30 A Australia – Japan

Tuesday 31 August 2010
14:30 B China – England
17:00 B South Africa – Spain
19:30 B Argentina – Korea

Wednesday 1 September 2010
14:30 A India – Australia
17:00 A Netherlands – New Zealand
19:30 A Germany – Japan

Thursday 2 September 2010
14:30 B South Africa – China
17:00 B England – Korea
19:30 B Spain – Argentina

Friday 3 September 2010
14:30 A India – Germany
17:00 A Australia – Netherlands
19:30 A Japan – New Zealand

Saturday 4 September 2010
14:30 B England – South Africa
17:00 B Korea – Spain
19:30 B China – Argentina

Sunday 5 September 2010
14:30 A Japan – India
17:00 A Germany – Netherlands
19:30 A New Zealand – Australia

Monday 6 September 2010
14:30 B Spain – China
17:00 B Korea – South Africa
19:30 B Argentina – England

Tuesday 7 September 2010
14:30 A New Zealand – India
17:00 A Netherlands – Japan
19:30 A Australia – Germany

Wednesday 8 September 2010
Rest Day

Thursday 9 September 2010
13:30 Clas.11-12 6th Pool A – 6th Pool B
16:30 Semi Final 1st Pool A – 2nd Pool B
19:30 Semi Final 1st Pool B – 2nd Pool A

Friday 10 September 2010
13:30 Clas. 9-10 5th Pool A – 5th Pool B
16:00 Clas. 7-8 4th Pool A – 4th Pool B
19:30 Clas. 5-6 3rd Pool A – 3rd Pool B

Saturday 11 September 2010
16:30 Bronze medal match
19:30 FINAL

Note: Subject to the approval of the FIH Representative and Tournament Director any match(es) may be rescheduled to accommodate international television requirements.

Source: Adapted from FIH