Introduction of new 2011-12 Rules

The Board of England Hockey has approved the introduction of the new 2011-12 Rules of Hockey (Outdoor and Indoor) at the start of the coming hockey season (1 September 2010).

This decision is supported by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) and follows a proposal from the Officiating & Rules Committee. 

An umpire blows his whistle and signals during a matchImplementing the new rules on 1 September 2010 will ensure that all competitions are played under a consistent set of rules for the entire season.  With the significance of the indoor change and our indoor England Hockey League and National Knock-Out Competitions in counties and regions starting pre-Christmas, it was agreed that to have the competitions start with old rules and then conclude with new would be very difficult.

Additionally, the decision is supported by the recognition that the new Rules are almost all matter of fact and not judgmental in any respect.  No change should prove confusing or difficult for any player, umpire or coach to understand.  Umpiring Associations should not need to arrange meetings to discuss these changes.  Many will, of course, but those who cannot get a date fixed at short notice should still be able to notify umpires easily without risk of misinterpretation.

Below are the details for both the outdoor and indoor changes.

Please note that the EHB will post an order form for the new rules books to the website as soon as the books become available.  This is anticipated in mid-September.