EHTV Mystery Player Winner

Jack Rolfe, 14 year old Centre Forward from Aylesbury correctly guessed the Mystery Players in the EHTV Summer Shows competition and has won a day at Bisham Abbey NSC with one of the squads (as yet to be confirmed) and an exclusive 1:1 training session with an international player.

"If I had a choice I would prefer to have my one to one training session with Ashley Jackson as he's inspirational. He's really young and already [FIH World] Young Player of the Year," said Rolfe. He said if he were to choose a female player he would choose Alex Danson.

Rolfe has been playing hockey for six years and was encourage to do so by his previous school through club evening sessions. 

"I only play club hockey now [for Aylesbury HC] because my current school doesn't offer hockey," said Rolfe. "In spite of me trying to encourage them to do so!"

Rolfe correctly identified the Mystery Players by comparing the videos to pictures on the website. 

"They've also done so well and have been on TV so it was quite easy to work out who it was," he said. 

The Mystery Players were:

April – Chloe Rogers

May - Ashleigh Ball

June - Richard Alexander

July - Jonty Clark 

August - Sam Quek

See if you would have got the answers right too by visiting and watching the summer monthly shows.