HiPAC and Futures Cup 2010 Squad lists

England Hockey are delighted to announce the 2010 HiPAC (High Performance Assessment Camps) and Futures Cups Squads Lists.

The High Performance Assessment Camp (HiPAC) takes place annually during the first weekend of October and is all about training. Young people in the U15 and U17 age groups are selected from their JRPC cluster competitions to come together and train with some of the country’s finest coaches. As an integral step on the Single System ladder, the HiPACs aim to show players in the U15 and U17 age groups that training is as important as competition and it should never be regarded as anything less.

The Girls go to the University of Leeds and the Boys to Lilleshall NSC for three days of training.

In the U16 and U18 age groups, players learn about the highs and lows of competition at the Futures Cup which is purely competition based. Players making their way up the ladder train one year, compete in the second, train in the third and compete again in the final year.

Two days of training are held in October prior to the squads coming together for the competition in Cannock.

Squad Lists
U15 and U17 go to HiPAC 8th - 10th October
U16 and U18 go to Futures Cup 28th - 31st October
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Futures Cup Logos together

The Logo for the Futures Cup Wessex Leopards teamWessex Leopards

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U15 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Amelia Andrew Bristol
Charlotte Daly Eastleigh
Kuda Kamwaza Eastleigh
Hope Kent (GK) Bristol
Jessica Lee Eastleigh
Hannah Leigh Eastleigh
Megan Lewis Williams Bristol
Alice McKean Eastleigh
Kathryn O’Sullivan Exeter
Katie Paxman Eastleigh
Flora Peel Bristol
Georgina Taylor Exeter
Fion Thompson Bristol
Pheobe Villars Exeter
Flora Whitmarsh (GK) Exeter
Georgia Whittle Eastleigh
NT RES Ellie Tullberg Bristol
NT RES Ruth  Tressider Exeter

U15 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Will  Abell  Exeter
Max Ansell  Exeter
Simon Cardy  Eastleigh
Luke Cornish  Eastleigh
Torran Hockey (GK) Exeter
Tom  Lavery  Eastleigh
Will  MacDonald Bristol
William  Marsh  Exeter
Matthew Ming Eastleigh
Oliver Nail  Eastleigh
Andrew Oxburgh Eastleigh
Tom  Poustie Exeter
William  Seebold Eastleigh
Will  Seward Bristol
Clemens von Hanish (GK) Eastleigh
Michael  Walker Exeter
NT RES Harry  Skinner Exeter
NT RES Tomos Geriant ap Sion  Eastleigh
NT RES Josh  Darlington  Eastleigh

U16 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Hatty  Armstrong Exeter
Pippa Barnes Bristol
Catherine Bolland Bristol
Harriet Brown Eastleigh
Emily  Caldwell Eastleigh
Katie  Casper Exeter
Megan  Edwards Eastleigh
Saskia Janzen (GK) Eastleigh
Sancha Jones (GK) Exeter
Annie Koehli Bristol
Kirsty Lazer Eastleigh
Molly Mackean Eastleigh
Livvy Martineau Eastleigh
Isobel  Murphy Bristol
Ellen  Patterson Eastleigh
Stephanie Peirce Exeter
Emily  Robinson Eastleigh
Emily  Ruffell Hazell Exeter
Katie  Tavener Exeter
Sophie  Taylor Exeter
Lucy Taylor (GK) Exeter
Rebekah Walker Bristol

U16 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Tom  Alsop  Bristol
Matthew Boote Eastleigh
Liam  Brown  Bristol
Matt Butt Bristol
Tom Chandler Exeter
Andrew Clarke Eastleigh
Oliver Cole (GK) Eastleigh
Jack  Culmer Eastleigh
Steve Daxter Exeter
Ed Ellis Eastleigh
Will  Garner Bristol
Ed Horler Bristol
Andrew Le Page Exeter
Tom  Lott Bristol
Matt Richards Exeter
Jack  Simmonds Exeter
Jack  Smart Bristol
Ewen Steele Eastleigh
Charlie Stubbings Eastleigh
Corbett Sykes Moore (GK) Exeter
Ben Woodruff Eastleigh
Ryan Younger Eastleigh

U17 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Katie Batchelor Eastleigh
Laura Bevan Bristol
Sophie Bowden Exeter
Lucy Clacher Eastleigh
Imogen Cook Exeter
Lizzie Gittens Eastleigh
Lauren Grey (GK) Exeter
Rosie Harper Eastleigh
Kirsty Hoskins Exeter
Irene Johnson Bristol
Grace Lawes (GK) Eastleigh
Holly Newton Eastleigh
Abi Porter Bristol
Kate Reynolds Exeter
Lizzie Vincent Eastleigh
Holly Wooten Bristol
NT RES Chloe Greenhill Exeter
NT RES Steffi Wilson Exeter

U17 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Tom  Atkinson  Bristol
Luke Cole Eastleigh
Jonny Gooch  Eastleigh
Tom  Groombridge Bristol
Hamish  Hall (GK) Eastleigh
Sam  Hatherley  Eastleigh
James  Lewis (GK) Bristol
Tristan  Marshall  Exeter
Edward Matts Exeter
Kieron  Molloy Eastleigh
Nick  Robilliard Eastleigh
Giles Rozier-Pamplin Eastleigh
Albert Thornton Exeter
Chris Way  Eastleigh
Bruce Wright Bristol
Bertie Wyatt  Bristol 
NT RES Ed Evans Eastleigh
NT RES Oli  Wiltshire Bristol 
NT RES James  Carson Exeter

U18 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Sophie Benton (GK) Eastleigh
Olivia Chilton  Eastleigh
Lizzie Cox Bristol
Charlotte Cox Eastleigh
Sarah Dalrymple Bristol
Julia Hayes Exeter
Emily Horn  Exeter
Sarah  Johns Eastleigh
Georgina Lanfear Exeter
Frankie Mayes Bristol
Alison  Oliver Eastleigh
Jess Orrett Exeter
Lily Owsley  Bristol
Jenny Peebles Eastleigh
Millie Powers Bristol
Alice Pyrgos Eastleigh
Holly Simpson Bristol
Alex Spencer (GK) Exeter
Eve Taylor Cox Exeter
Emma Trunks Exeter
Rebecca Van Berkel Eastleigh
Debbie Williams (GK) Exeter
Alice Woods (further assessment) Exeter
Sophie Wright (further assessment) Bristol

U18 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
George Cairns Eastleigh
Adam Clarke Eastleigh
Rory Coltham Exeter
Alex  Copstake Bristol
Samuel  Daymond Exeter
Luke Emmett Eastleigh
Daniel Faulkner Eastleigh
Harry  Gibson (GK) Exeter
Alfi Gilbert Bristol
James Grantham Exeter
Duncan  Hales (GK) Exeter
Elliot Hall Eastleigh
Aaron Hoare (GK) Eastleigh
Josh  Hood Exeter
Ben  Mackey Eastleigh
Andrew Mole Eastleigh
Ali  Parker Bristol
Tom Seebold Eastleigh
Luca Signorelli Eastleigh
Cain Sutcliffe Exeter
Chris Turley Bristol
Ian  White Exeter

The Logo for the Futures Cup Mercia Lynx teamMercia Lynx

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U15 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Helen Baddeley Oxford
Immie Brown Oxford
Naomi Cotterill Nottingham
Harriett Darling Birmingham
Briony Hearn Oxford
Jessica Honarmand Nottingham
Sophia Lewyckyj Nottingham
Lydia MacDonell Nottingham
E-J MacLeod Birmingham
Pascale Massey Birmingham
Olivia Page Oxford
Catherine Powell (GK) Birmingham
Ellie Rayer Oxford
Francis Taylor (GK) Birmingham
Georgina Whitaker Oxford
Maddy Wood Nottingham
NT RES Abby Griffiths Oxford
NT RES Naomi Smith Nottingham

U15 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Keiran Bedford (GK) Birmingham
Ethan Chapman Oxford
Jack  Clee Oxford
Luke Davis Birmingham
Daniel  Davies Birmingham
Callum  Haisman (GK) Oxford
Aaron Hibnell  Nottingham
Edward Jacob Birmingham
Alex Robney  Nottingham
Josh  Rollet Oxford
Liam  Sanford Oxford
Edward Sidebottom Nottingham
George Thompson Nottingham
Jack  Turner Oxford
James Veitch  Oxford
Kyle White Oxford

U16 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Martha Baker (GK) Nottingham
Charlotte Burrows Oxford
Harriet Comley Nottingham
Abigail  Flory Oxford
Ellen  Galvin Oxford
Steph Hale Nottingham
Katie Hopkisson Nottingham
Megan  Jones Oxford
Polly La Page-Norris Birmingham
Kathyrn Lane Nottingham
Ellen Lockhart Birmingham
Chloe Marshall-Walker Birmingham
Chloe McIntosh Birmingham
Amelia Milton Nottingham
Hannah  Rooney Oxford
Francesca Ruffell Nottingham
Sally-Anne Smith (GK) Birmingham
Abigail  Stephenson Nottingham
Zoe Tricker Oxford
Jane Wackett Birmingham

U16 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Will Backhouse Birmingham
Stephen Best (GK) Oxford
Justin Brown Oxford
Joe Brownhill Oxford
Jacob Bullock Nottingham
Dan Darby (GK) Nottingham
Jack Duerdon Nottingham
David Gilbert Oxford
James Gilbert Oxford
Robbie Gleeson Birmingham
Alex Ingram Oxford
Tom Lush Nottingham
Geroge Myatt Birmingham
Ciaran O Connell Oxford
Charlie Parker Nottingham
Chris Proctor Nottingham
James Simpson Nottingham
Josh Wainwright Nottingham
Tom Weston Birmingham
Elliot White Birmingham

U17 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Briony Anyon Oxford
Ciara Bamford Nottingham
Lucy Dell (GK) Birmingham
Alice Freeman Oxford
Rachel Griffiths Nottingham
Lizzie Honormand Nottingham
Jessica Horn Birmingham
Kim Leiper Nottingham
Pippa Lewis Birmingham
Ashley Moncada Birmingham
Suzie Pollock (GK) Oxford
Lucy Reading Oxford
Maddie Sharpe Nottingham
Julie Whiting Birmingham
Melanie Wilkinson Birmingham
Kim Wilson Nottingham
NT RES Helen Reeves Birmingham
NT RES Nat Tipper Nottingham

U17 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Ted  Bennett Oxford
Gurmukh Bhamra Oxford
Sam  Borroughs Oxford
Richard Cartwright Nottingham
Drayton Chana Birmingham 
Tom  Corkett Oxford
Navraj Degun  Birmingham 
Tod Dudley (GK) Birmingham 
Josh  Gemmill Oxford
Harry  Kilbourn Oxford
Jo  Mallet (GK) Birmingham 
Dan  Maunder Oxford
Tom  Morris Birmingham 
James Pratt  Birmingham 
Noah  Sharples Oxford
Jack  Simkins Nottingham
NT RES Sam  Steel (GK) Nottingham

U18 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Gemma Brooks (GK) Birmingham
Emily Burgwin  Nottingham
Emily Court Oxford
Isobel Davies (GK) Birmingham
Lucinda Dawson Nottingham
Katie Dunn-Smith Oxford
Beth  Evans Birmingham
Gemma Foulkes Nottingham
Lauren  Greasley Nottingham
Imogen  Green  Birmingham
Deborah  Greer Nottingham
Yasmin Haywood (GK)  (further assessment) Nottingham
Jess Hickman Nottingham
Amelia Johnson Nottingham
Emma Ketley Birmingham
Joanna Leigh Nottingham
Lucy  Nicolaides Birmingham
Pip Nicolas (further assessment) Nottingham
Sunny Rickets Oxford
Madeline Smith  Nottingham
Jenny Spindler Nottingham
Lauren  Thomas Oxford
Anna Toman Nottingham
Beth  Warne


U18 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Liam  Ansell  Oxford
Christian Beck Birmingham 
Charlie Brooker Nottingham
Will  Burns Birmingham 
Sam  Chilvers Oxford
Peter Christmas Birmingham 
Lee Eliot Oxford
David  Goodfield Birmingham 
Jack  Hardy  Oxford
Louis Harris Oxford
Marcus Hooper Nottingham
Will  Kenney-Herbert Birmingham 
Josh Mardell Oxford
Ben  Morris Nottingham
Charlie Ollie Oxford
David Overton  Nottingham
Matt Parker Nottingham
Joe  Schubert Birmingham 
Joe  Sharp Nottingham
Zak  Sherwani Birmingham 
Sam Temple-Baxter Nottingham
Sam  White Birmingham 

The Logo for the Futures Cup Pennine Pumas teamPenine Pumas

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U15 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Abigail  Barton (GK) Leeds
Amelia Beaman Manchester
Emma Bray Leeds
Jayde Christeansen Manchester
Beth  Cordukes Durham
Rachel Dent Leeds
Lauren Grundy Leeds
Rebecca Hutson Leeds
Lucy  James Leeds
Beth  Kenny Manchester
Ellie Martin Leeds
Emma Massey Manchester
Hannah McCullagh Durham
Cliodhna O'Malley Manchester
Megan Roe (GK) Leeds
Katie Toogood Leeds
NT RES Hannah Nassar (GK) Manchester
NT RES Esme Kilshaw


U15 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Ricky  Benton Leeds
Matthew Breeze Durham
Scott Bristowe Leeds
Jenson Brooke Leeds
Elliot Bullman (GK) Manchester
Felipe Davies Manchester
Elliot Dowley Leeds
Charlie Falkingham (GK) Leeds
Jack  Hill Manchester
Alistair Jordan Leeds
Guy  Mills Leeds
Alex Potts Durham
Toby  Sadri Manchester
Harry  Sherlock Leeds
Josh  Sykes Leeds
Nick Woodhead Leeds
NT RES Gregory Cooke Leeds
NT RES Tom Clarkson Durham
NT RES James Celaire (GK) Leeds

U16 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Sophie Akhtar Manchester
Hannah Brown Manchester
Jenny Clayton Manchester
Joanne Coughlan Leeds
Hannah Coulson Manchester
Sophia Crawshay Manchester
Charlotte Evans Manchester
Hannah Farrell Durham
Katie Firth Leeds
Lara Knowles Manchester
Emma Mackie Leeds
Daisy  Morgan Leeds
Jessica Omasoli Manchester
Robyn Pick Durham
Hannah Pike Manchester
Francesca Roberts Leeds
Abigail  Sawyer Leeds
Charlotte Smith (GK) Manchester
Stephanie Taylor (GK) Durham
Alice Williamson Manchester
Natasha Wilson Durham
Beth  Worrall (GK) Leeds

U16 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Patrick Benc Manchester
Joe Booth Manchester
Ryan  Carsley Leeds
Olly Church (GK) Manchester
Callum  Craig Leeds
Sam  Devlin Durham
Alex Evans Manchester
Sean  Friday  Manchester
Aaron Gate Leeds
Callum Guy  Manchester
Matthew Hardern Manchester
Adam  Harriman Leeds
Harry  Jackson Manchester
Joseph Kulbacki Manchester
Jack  Murgatroyd Durham
Josh  Parkinson (GK) Manchester
Dominic Potter Manchester
Callum Steel  Manchester
George Sweeting Leeds
Nick  Terry (GK) Manchester
Jonathan Verity  Manchester
Louis Weir Manchester
George Wilkinson Manchester

U17 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Jayne Bazley Harrison Manchester
Sarah  Bazley Harrison Manchester
Rebecca Blades Leeds
Ashpal Boghul Leeds
Helen  Bowden Manchester
Alex Branton Manchester
Ellis Calcutt Manchester
Lynsey  Connor Durham
Ailish  Hendry  Leeds
Eleanor James Manchester
Laura Lucas (GK) Durham
Emma Peat Durham
Molly Rawnsley Leeds
Beth  Sanderson Leeds
Rachel  Till Leeds
Martha Watson (GK) Manchester
NT RES Amy  Evans (GK) Leeds
NT RES Katie  Bingle Leeds

U17 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Hugh Bagley Leeds
Harry  Bailey Leeds
Alex Belshire Manchester
Matthew Dobison Durham
Harry Dodd Moore Manchester
Joe Dowley Leeds
Sam Falkingham (GK) Leeds
Matthew Gibson Leeds
Ben  James Leeds
Chris Ormandy Manchester
Myles Rawlings Leeds
Warwick Ryan-Beswick Manchester
David Seymour Durham
Matthew Smith Manchester
James Smith (GK) Leeds
David Swarbrick Leeds
NT RES Oliver Killgallon Leeds
NT RES Guy Bristowe Leeds
NT RES Sam  Birtles (GK) Manchester

U18 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Kirsty Abraham Manchester
Katy  Bacon Leeds
Nicola Benson Leeds
Abby  Brant Leeds
Alex Busk-Wood Leeds
Stephanie Butterworth Manchester
Georgia Byas Leeds
Lucy  Chaplin (GK) Leeds
Emily Deason (GK) Manchester
Caitlin Everson Leeds
Kate Harrie Leeds
Rebecca Holland (GK) Manchester
Katie Marriot Manchester
Laura Peagram Manchester
Caitlin Rea Manchester
Stephanie Teece Manchester
Lizzie Totten  Manchester
Sophia Ward Durham
Emma White Leeds
Caitlin Williams Leeds
Jenny Wilson  Leeds
Lucy  Wood Leeds

U18 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Huw Barratt Manchester
Thomas Brickman Leeds
Seb Brierly Manchester
Danny  Crowther (GK) Leeds
Adam  Elliot Leeds
Richard Flint Manchester
Sam  French Leeds
Max Helme Leeds
Tom Hill Manchester
Joe Hillyer Manchester
Sam  Hornsby Durham
Simon Hujwan (GK) Leeds
Michael Jones Leeds
David Knapton Leeds
Martyn Lear Manchester
Oliver Lobo Leeds
Myles Lock Leeds
Tom McCurdy Manchester
Callam McDougall Manchester
Duncan  McNaught Manchester
Will  Sides Leeds
Fraser Sym


The Logo for the Futures Cup Saxon Tigers teamSaxon Tigers

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U15 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Sophie  Adams (GK) Tonbridge
Tamara Bailey (GK) Northwood
Anna Baker Tonbridge
Alicia Caillard Tonbridge
Orla Cooke Tonbridge
Natasha Farrant Tonbridge
Sophie  Fisher-Norton Northwood
Lilly Ghandi Northwood
Alice Handy  Tonbridge
Fran  Houghton Bury 
Gen  Masters Tonbridge
Katherine Ridley  Bury 
India Steele Bury 
Alice Wills Northwood
Claire Wyatt Bury 
Eleanor Yianni Tonbridge

U15 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Jamie Adams Tonbridge
Arion Alexopluos Tonbridge
Karan Bamrah Northwood
Edward Bottomley Northwood
David Boyd Bury
William Calnan Northwood
Monty Fynn Bury
Alex Gibson Northwood
William Godfrey Northwood
Joseph Gold Tonbridge
Bryn Kendrick-Jones (GK) Bury
John Kimberly Tonbridge
Ori Ogunlana (GK) Tonbridge
Rory Peplow Northwood
Harvey Waller Tonbridge
George Wilson Tonbridge

U16 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Abi Ashford (GK) Northwood
Holly Baker Bury
Danielle Baker Tonbridge
Alycia Bohannons (GK) Bury
Emma Broad Tonbridge
Sarah Brook Bury
Rachel  Brooks Tonbridge
Olivia Cooke Tonbridge
Meagan Crowson Northwood
Lowri Davies Bury
Camilla Denston Bury
Daisy Durden Northwood
Lily Elliot Tonbridge
Micha Knowles Bury
Kitty McWhirter Bury
Karis Mimms Northwood
Sophie Newton Tonbridge
Ellie Taite Tonbridge
Fran Tew Bury
Pip Wilson Northwood
Fran Wood Bury
Tabitha Worsley Tonbridge

U16 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
James Albery Northwood
Olly Ashdown Tonbridge
Will Blyth Bury
Oliver Bull Northwood
Seb Burke Northwood
Ali Clift Northwood
Will Elgar Tonbridge
Will Furlong Tonbridge
James Gall Tonbridge
Tom Graham Bury
Tom Greig Bury
Jonty Griffiths Tonbridge
Ben  Griggs Tonbridge
Cameron Heard Bury
Luca Petrozzi Tonbridge
Peter Phillips Tonbridge
Adam Price Northwood
Harry Raynor Northwood
Dasmesh Sandhu Tonbridge
Elliot  Smith Bury
Felix Ward Bury

U17 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Lucy  Balicki Tonbridge
Holly Bolger Northwood
Charlotte Boreham Bury
Eliza Brett Tonbridge
Bobbie Burkin Northwood
Rachel  Drohan Bury
Kate Holmes Tonbridge
Juliette Inverdale Tonbridge
Lucy  Kirkby (GK) Northwood
Hannah Martin Bury
Dominique Masters Tonbridge
Ella Picton Bury
Vanessa Sharman Bury
Alice Tillet (GK) Bury
Emily Wills Northwood
Izzy  Wood Tonbridge

U17 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Andy Blood Northwood
Tim Clarke Bury
George Eldridge Tonbridge
Rob Farrington Tonbridge
David Fernie Northwood
Perry Foster (GK) Northwood
Liam Guiver Tonbridge
Matt Hickman Tonbridge
Ryan Holland Northwood
Rees Leonard (GK) Bury
Nicoli P-Berski Tonbridge
Harry Sellers Tonbridge
Michah Smithard Tonbridge
James Warrington Bury
Adam Wilson Bury
Charlie Young Bury

U18 Girls
First name Last name JRPC
Steph  Addison  Tonbridge
Lauren  Allymohammed Tonbridge
Grace Balsdon Tonbridge
Martine Chichizola Northwood
Faye Curran  Bury
Jess Dean  Tonbridge
Emily De-Froand Northwood
Louisa Denman Tonbridge
Charlotte Dunne (GK) Tonbridge
Elisa Filarmonico Northwood
Gaby  Gavins (GK) Tonbridge
Kirsty  Greaves Tonbridge
Lucy  Hyams Tonbridge
Minnie James Tonbridge
Catriona Macdonald Bury
Pip  Meakin Bury
Millie Morgan Northwood
Adele Sammons Northwood
Chelsea Sharp  Northwood
Maddie Tait Tonbridge
Rebecca Weston Tonbridge
Lucy  Wood Tonbridge

U18 Boys
First name Last name JRPC
Tom Batchelor Tonbridge
Ben Bernard Tonbridge
Robert Bloss Northwood
Jamie Bowden (GK) Bury 
Nat Crawley Tonbridge
Theo Dowse (GK) Tonbridge
Jonny Gall Tonbridge
George Hall Bury 
Matt Lewis Northwood
George Lilley Northwood
Will Martin  Bury 
Andrew Meredith (GK) Bury 
Joe Mills Tonbridge
Thomas Moore Tonbridge
Liam Peoples Northwood
Chrsi Sleeman Northwood
Luke Smithard Tonbridge
James Spain Tonbridge
Sam Spencer Northwood
Martin Sutherland Tonbridge
Luke Taylor Tonbridge
Tom Wilson Northwood
Benjamin  Wright Bury