Olympic 2012 Ticket Prices announced

The ticket prices for the London 2012 Olympic Games have been announced. LOCOG are keen to have their venues filled with enthusiastic sports fans and so have designed a pricing strategy to include a wide range of prices.

There will be up to 8.8 million tickets available for London 2012. In March 2011 75% will go on sale through a public application process.

Hockey Prices

Hockey Olympic Park - Hockey Centre   Ticket Prices 
Preliminary  M/W  £    65.00  £  45.00  £  35.00  £  20.00
Classification  M/W  £    65.00  £  45.00  £  35.00  £  20.00
Semi-final M/W  £    95.00  £  65.00  £  45.00  £  30.00
Bronze  M/W  £  115.00  £  75.00  £  45.00  £  35.00
Final  M/W  £  150.00  £  95.00  £  65.00  £  45.00

Over 640,000 tickets will be made available for hockey and over the coming months information on how tickets can be bought and when they go on sale will be made available.

Ticketing Information

Click here to ensure you are registered to receive such information. Why not forward this to your family and friends too to encourage them to sign up and register their interest in London 2012 ticketing so they don’t miss out.

Key features of the pricing strategy are as follows:

1. A wide range of ticket prices including:

- 90% of tickets at or below £100
- Two-thirds of tickets at or below £50
- 2.5 million tickets at or below £20

2. Full-price tickets starting at £20 for every Olympic sport.

3. A special ‘pay your age’ offer. Young people who are aged 16 and under (at 27 July 2012) will pay their age for a ticket. Seniors aged 60 and over (at 27 July 2012) will pay £16. These ‘pay your age’ ticket prices and senior ticket prices will be available at one-third of the 640-plus sports events.

4. Opening Ceremony tickets start from £20.12.

5. The price of a ticket for a wheelchair space includes a companion seat located next to it.

All Ticket Prices

You can download the complete list of ticket prices here.

Draft Daily Competition Schedule

The draft daily Olympic Games competition schedule has also been released.

View the draft competition schedule

Paralympic Games

Paralympic Games ticket prices will be announced in 2011.