EuroHockey Club of the Year

Harvester National Club Weekend 2012 - Goody Bags - Old Sils

European Hockey Federation welcomes the commitment of National Associations to support and encourage the growth of strong hockey clubs. Hockey Clubs keep players and families as part of our great sport for life.

Club Chairman Nigel Herd and members of City of York HC collect the EuroHockey Club of the Year Award 2008 in Amsterdam, August 2009
Here's the Criteria you need to be considered for EuroHockey Club of the Year. You can download the application form on the right to apply.

Nominations must come into England Hockey no later than 7th January 2012 to be assessed.
Email application forms to

Best of luck!


The club/s that England Hockey nominate MUST show the following:
1. Good player membership growth during 2012
2. Quality training programmes for age group youth and senior players.
3. Regular training for the club coaches/umpires to ensure their knowledge is kept up to date.
4. Regular competition for all age group players during the hockey season.
5. Strong links with several local schools/other organizations.
6. How they value their volunteers. We would expect to see details of how the club value their volunteers and say “thank you” to all their unpaid helpers.
7. A plan for the future. We would expect to see a 2/3 year development plan to show what targets the club has set itself.
8. Promotion of EHF Values of respect and fair play from Club Board members to players through awareness campaigns.
9. Success in bringing sponsorships/partnerships to support Club activities.

There are also some criteria that we would like to see but that are not as crucial as those listed above.
1. The club stages festivals for youth/seniors/veterans.
2. The club has survived and sustained hockey in a town in spite of poor facilities and resources.
3. The club has done something “special” for hockey in the area.
4. The club has promoted itself through a marketing plan which includes a Club website.