Hockey comes in from the cold

After a fortnight of frozen pitches and postponed matches outdoors in the England Hockey League (EHL), the country’s top indoor clubs turn to the warmth of the University of the West of England in Bristol and Perdiswell Leisure Centre in Worcester for the start of the men’s and women’s super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships.

super sixes
Previously known as the Indoor EHL, the league has been rebranded to become the super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships.  The existing league structure remains in place with a national premier division, followed by a national division one and two regional division twos, north and south, from which three sides each progress to a national division two.

The prize on offer for the top sides in the men’s and women’s super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships Premier Divisions is a place in the super sixes National Indoor Hockey Finals when the fastest show in town arrives at London’s Wembley Arena on Sunday 30 January 2011. 

The top four in the men’s Premier Division will progress to the semi finals at Wembley Arena while, in a slight change in the women’s Premier Division, the top four will contest their semi finals at Perdiswell Leisure Centre on the final Sunday of the super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships, with the semi final victors progressing to the women’s super sixes Final at Wembley Arena.

The men’s and women’s Premier Divisions each consist of nine teams and take place over two weekends; 11-12 December 2010 and 15-16 January 2011. 

super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships Men's Premier Division 

Barry Middleton, the England captain, celebrates England's victory over Australia at the Hero Honda FIH World Cup 2010 in New Delhi, India, 28 February 2010In the men’s Premier Division, East Grinstead has been the major force in indoor hockey over the past few seasons.  In a move designed to strengthen their dominant position, the West Sussex-based club has added Great Britain and England captain Barry Middleton (pictured) to its squad, which will once again put them as one of the favourites to top the table.  Middleton joins East Grinstead for the indoor season from his outdoor club in Germany, Der Club An Der Alster.  Last season, East Grinstead eased their way to the Finals by winning all eight of their matches in the men’s premier division, amassing an impressive +59 goal difference before seeing off challenges from Reading and Surbiton at the Finals to win the indoor title.

2010’s beaten men’s finalists Surbiton have also signed another international athlete to strengthen their squad with England defender Dan Fox joining from Hampstead & Westminster for the indoor season, as he did in 2009-2010.  Surbiton will be looking to build on their impressive first season back in the Premier Division last year when they fell just short to an Ashley Jackson-inspired East Grinstead in the Final. England & GB international Richard Alexander will coach the side as well as play.

Richard Springham of Reading is tackled by East Grinstead's Niall Stott (left) and Ashley Jackson (right) during the 2009-2010 National Indoor Hockey Championships at Trent FM ArenaRegular challengers Reading will once again be hoping to be compete at the top as they include a familiar face in their squad, welcoming back South African Austin Smith from Dutch side Den Bosch.  With four senior internationals in Andy Bull, Nick Catlin, David Condon and Richard Smith, Loughborough Students will be looking to make it into the last four as they have done on a number of previous occasions.   Beeston, Old Loughtonians and St Albans have all added players to their squads as they look to break into the top four, whilst Bowdon and 2007 champions Canterbury come back into the Premier Division after winning promotion from Division One last season. 

super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships Men's Premier Division 

Such is the competitiveness in the women’s super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships Premier Division, virtually every team in the division will genuinely believe they have what it takes to make it to the super sixes Finals at Wembley Arena.

Last season, Slough finished top of the Premier Division, just ahead of Canterbury on goal difference, while Leicester came third.  They were joined by Cheshire club Bowdon Hightown, who finished fourth and snuck into the semi finals courtesy of having scored more goals than fifth placed Chelmsford. 

Leicester's Katie Long celebrates with Maddie Hinch after Leicester won the National Indoor Hockey Championships at the Trent FM ArenaThe Finals only emphasised just how close the women’s competition can be after it took penalty strokes to decide the outcome of the semi final between Slough and Bowdon Hightown and the final between Slough and Leicester.  Ultimately, it was Leicester, who beat Canterbury in their semi final, that were crowned Champions in their first season back in the Premier Division, winning on penalties after a 2-2 draw (pictured right).

More of the same is expected this time around. Bowdon Hightown will look to indoor specialist Sally Walton and feared duo Nicky O’Donnell and Tina Cullen to inspire them while Slough have the likes of Alex Scott (pictured below right) and England World Cup bronze medal winners Ashleigh Ball and Nicola White in their ranks.  Rebecca Herbert, who scored twice for Leicester in last year’s final, is included for the defending Champions while EuroCanterbury too have a number of internationals players to call upon.

Slough's Alex Scott celebrates scoring a goal at the National Indoor Hockey ChampionshipsElsewhere in the division, Ipswich have added to their squad and along with Trojans and Chelmsford, will be hoping to upset their more established indoor opponents to make the semi finals. Despite making the step up from women’s Division One, newcomers to the league Reading will likely be in with a shout with their squad containing four members of the Great Britain squad plus Dutch Olympic silver medal winner Chantal De Bruijn.  Sutton Coldfield, with Jane Sixsmith in their ranks, will look to make the last four as they did in 2007 on their return to the Premier Division.

Men's Premier Division Squads

1 George Pinner 1 Robert Turner 1 Ben Cowling
2 Thomas Skinner 3 Ian Wilson 2 Tom Richford
5 David Ames 5 Stephen Smith 4 Andrew Dunn
7 Martin Jones 6 Simon Egerton 6 Richard Keir
9 Tim Davenport 7 Andrew Brogdon 7 Kwan Browne
10 Ben Arnold 8 Saxon Hill 8 Huw Stevens
11 James Mcblane 9 David Egerton 9 Matthew Bunyan
12 Sam Ward 10 Alex Edmonstone 13 Michael Farrer
13 Matt Taylor 11 Sammy Dawson-Smith 14 Ben Hare
14 Adam Dixon 12 Michael Hoare 16 Andy Richardson
15 Stephen Lawrence 15 Chris Borrett 21 Liam Foster
18 Richard Lane 23 James Mckenna 25 Andrew Wilson
20 Martin Scanlon 26 Ross Stott 26 Akim Toussaint
29 Stephen Wood 27 Nigel Croke 27 Jason Waitt
Coach: Steve Musson Coach: Simon Egerton Coach: Kwan Browne
Manager: Graham Griffiths Manager: Craig Rea Manager: Roddy Archibald
Physio: Lianne Williamson
1 Richard Potton 1 Giles Cadman  1 Stuart Hendy 
3 Mark Pearn 2 Michael Scott  2 Adam Millar
4 Glenn Kirkham 3 Chris Griffiths 3 Ali Bray 
5 David De Prez 4 Richard Dawson-Smith 4 George Lilley
7 Ashley Jackson 5 Andy Bull 5 Scott Sandison
9 Rick Gay 8 Dominic Bowden 6 Stuart Hardy
14 Scott Ashdown 9 James Osborn 7 Luke Mepham
16 Niall Stott 10 Tim Benford 8 Jonathan Brown
17 Darren Cheesman 11 David Condon 9 Harry Martin
18 Barry Middleton 12 Richard Smith 10 Oliver Didham
19 Adamson Harper 13 Nick Catlin 11 James Stedman
22 Giles Dakin 14 David Beckett  12 James Southgate
23 Michael Holland 15 Simon Faulkner 13 Josh Godfrey
25 Mats Grambusch 18 Henry Weir 15 Chris Naven (Gk)
14 Josh Mepham
Coach: Richard Organ Coach: Jon Bleby Coach: Dominic Camallari 
Manager: Matt  Jones Manager: Phil  Edwards Manager: Andy Bray 
Physio: D. Bailey Physio: Ele Powell 
1 Jaime Legg 1 Malcolm  Yull 1 Chris Bristow
3 Nick Brothers 2 Ian Frazer 5 Richard Alexander
5 Richard Springham 3 Paul Cooper 6 Ben Tibble
6 Richard Mantell 4 Simon  Archer 7 Hugh Wilson 
7 Iain Mackay 5 Ben Apperley 10 James Tindall
8 Simon Mantell 6 Andrew Dixon 12 Michael Houlihan
9 Rhys Joyce 7 David Cooper 13 James Ashcroft
11 Austin Smith 8 Matthew  Cocks 15 Mike Trim
12 Jonty Clarke 9 Glenn  Webster 17 Tim Pinnock
13 Andrew Watts 10 Steven  Friend 18 Jonathan Gall
14 Harry Slater 11 Marvin Dannett 19 Alistair Hitch
18 Nick Page 13 David Williams 20 Nick Cooper
22 Ben Barnes 15 Brett  Holland 22 Liam Doidge
25 Chris Cargo 17 Ravi Vijh 24 Dan Fox
Coach: Ben  Barnes Coach: Dick Ashby/ Stephanie Port  Coach: Richard Alexander
Manager: Charlie Seccombe Manager: Graham Webster Manager: Rebecca Job
Physio: Jonathon Colding Physio: Steven  Friend Physio: Nicky Dunn

Women's Premier Division Squads

1 Kirsty Mackay 1 Lynsey Warren  1 Becca Smith
2 Amy Tennant 2 Vanessa Smith  2 Jenny Milne
3 Claire Lowry 3 Isobel Hare 5 Natasha Brennan
5 Sandeep Maan 4 Katie Roberts 6 Mel Clewlow
6 Naomi Elliott 5 Jess Ecott 7 Suzannah Townsend
7 Nicky O'Donell 6 Georgia Herron 8 Eliza Brett
9 Michelle Liptrot 7 Kate Taylor 9 Nat Seymour
10 Tina Cullen 8 Marie Kirkham 11 Susie Rowe
11 Sally Walton 9 Julia Butterworth 13 Sarah Kerly
13 Laura Timms 10 Rebecca Budd 14 Hayley Brown
14 Kayleigh Humphreys 11 Louisa Taylor 17 Jen Wilson
15 Fay Nash 12 Sarah Bolton 24 Abi Walker
14 Kat Hales
16 Hayley Heggie 
Coach: Tina Cullen Coach: Alan Lindsay  Coach: Nick Clark
Manager: Carl Tennat Manager: Hilary Malicka Manager: Marion Seymour
Physio: Roger Newcombe Physio: Dan George
2 Fiona Stacey 1 Maddie Hinch  1 Beth Storry
4 Charlotte Anderson 2 Caitlin Jeffries  3 Samantha Quek
7 Chloe Hunnable 3 Gemma Darrington 4 Emma Thomas
9 Vanessa Roberts 4 Lucy Barrett 6 Abi Harper
10 Millie Sharp 7 Hannah Macleod 9 Chantal De Bruijn
11 Millie Mcwhirter 8 Laura Unsworth 11 Becky Halle
12 Jessica Bloom 9 Kerry Williams 15 Elizabeth Hunt
13 Lizzy Aldous 10 Chloe Rogers 18 Alex Danson
14 Issy Shedrake 11 Katie Long 20 Emily Maguire
15 Hannah Martin 14 Hannah Smith 21 Mel Insall
16 Annabel Driver 15 Sarah Cockayne 23 Sam Daly
17 Francesca Tew 16 Vanessa Hawkins  25 Lindsay Molyneux
18 Leigh Bireman 17 Rebecca Herbert TBC Sarah Ellis
21 Caroline Stuart 19 Lauren Turner TBC Emily Malden
Coach: James Kingstone Coach: Andy Fairbrother Coach: Lisa Letchford
Manager: Donna Mills Manager: Sue Holwell Manager: Matt Poulton
Physio: Emma Miller Physio: Julia Sawkings Physio: Hayley Blackwell
1 Becky Batsford   2 Kate Filochowski 1 Claire Gover
3 Ali Mapp 5 Harriet Cunningham 2 Jenny Peebles
6 Gemma Boothby 6 Hannah Coulson 3 Helen Brooke
7 Becky Florida-James 7 Hannah Bowe 4 Emma Teague
9 Clare Florida-James 8 Natalie Bell 5 Stephanie Farmer
10 Jane Sixsmith 9 Mandy Nicholson 6 Katy Newton
11 Charlotte Cross 10 Ashleigh Ball 8 Alice Pyrgos
12 Vicky Woolford  13 Sam Archer 9 Abby Roch
13 Charlene Mason 14 Fiona Greenham 10 Nyssa Cole
14 Jen Parkinson 15 Alex Scott 11 Lizzie Gittens
15 Sarah Mills 20 Chloe Strong 13 Laura Nicholls
16 Celia Butler 23 Lauren Penny 14 Caroline Thorn
24 Becky Duggan 15 Kathryn Mcgonigle
28 Nicola White
Coach: Don Vinson  Manager: Royce Waters Coach: Toby Mullins
Manager: Karen Leatt  Manager: Lou Gittens

super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships & Finals Schedules

The full schedule for all divisions of the super sixes National Indoor Hockey Championships and Finals is as follows:

11-12 December 2010
Men’s Premier Division weekend one (University of the West of England, Bristol)
Women’s Premier Division weekend one (Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester)

8-9 January 2011
Men’s Division One weekend one (Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Birmingham)
Women’s Division One weekend one (Lilleshall National Sports Centre, near Newport, Shropshire)
Men’s Division Two North* (Gemtec Arena, Hull)
Women’s Division Two North* (Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester)
Men’s Division Two South* (University of the West of England, Bristol)
Women’s Division Two South* (Whitgift School, South Croydon)

15-16 January 2011
Men’s Premier Division weekend two (University of the West of England, Bristol)
Women’s Premier Division weekend two (Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester)
Men’s Division One weekend two (Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Birmingham)
Women’s Division One weekend two (Lilleshall National Sports Centre, near Newport, Shropshire)

22-23 January 2011
Men’s Division Two* (University of the West of England, Bristol)
Women’s Division Two* (Moulton College, Northampton)

*The top three teams from Division Two North and South will compete in the national Division Two for promotion to Division One.

super sixes the finals logo #2

**Sunday 30 January 2011**
super sixes National Indoor Hockey Finals (Wembley Arena, London)

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