Junior Competitions Framework

Here is a statement from England Hockey on the current review of the Junior Competitions Framework.

The aim of the statement is to keep people aware of where we are at with the review of club and school competitions, the wider factors we are considering, the key partners we are working with, the decision making process and timescales, and when the decisions will be communicated.  

England Hockey Junior Competition Framework - Review Statement December 2010

This statement is intended to update schools and clubs on the progress of the review that has been taking place, over the last 12 months, with clubs and schools on England Hockey

Junior Competition Framework.
In 2008 the England Hockey made a decision to bring the junior schools and clubs competition programme in line with the principles of the Single System. The proposed programme was communicated in the spring of 2009 and implementation was due to take place for the 2009/10 season. 

In June 2009 a number of schools approach England Hockey with a strong message that some of the implementation of the revised competition programme would create significant issues for schools and could lead to disengagement of schools from the England Hockey competition programme. 

England Hockey agreed to postpone the full implementation of the schools programme until further discussions could take place with schools on the issues and challenges of the new framework. During this period of time the club competitions were implemented in part, albeit that there were issues around the age qualification date of players and also clashes with Single System centre activity.

We are close to completing this piece of work and given the recent announcements regarding school sport and school sports competition in particular, England Hockey felt this would be an appropriate time to give an outline of all the factors we are considering as part of this review. This will ensure we are in a position to implement a revised framework from September 2011 onwards.

There are a number of factors that require consideration as part of this review:
  • The results of the Schools Hockey Competition Survey (conducted by England Hockey in May 2010)
  • Feedback from the current England Hockey Club Age Qualification Questionnaire
  • Feedback from the recent 2011-12 centralised calendar consultation
  • Outcomes of the current England Hockey review of mini hockey
  • The recent government announcements of an ‘Olympic Style Schools Competition’
We are therefore currently engaging with a number of different organisations and working groups both within the hockey family and partners external to hockey. This will ensure that we respond as necessary to all relevant hockey and broader sport policies and programmes, and to make sure that we have representational feedback and input throughout. 

These currently include:
  • England Hockey Junior Competitions Working Group
  • Our partner schools associations
  • England Hockey Single System Strategy Committee
  • Youth Sport Trust
  • Sport England
  • BOA
The timescales we are working to are as follows:
  • December 2010 – develop draft recommendations for 2011-12 junior club and school competitions framework
  • Jan 2011 – conduct any consultation / approval needed on recommendations
  • Feb 2011 – final 2011-12 junior club and school competitions framework confirmed
  • Mar 2011– 2011-12 junior club and school competitions framework published
  • Apr / May 2011 - guidance documents published
  • September 2011 – Implementation of School and Club Competition programme
It is important to stress that we cannot simply review one aspect of the junior competitions programme without considering the programme as a whole. The relationship between schools and clubs is critical and the pathway needs to be seamless for the young person. 

Although there have been less issues in the club aspect of the framework, clearly changes in the school framework will impact on this and it has been appropriate to review both aspects in tandem.