2012 Club Ticketing News is on the way...

This story serves as a follow up to the club newsletter which went out at the start of December. There was a section regarding exciting 2012 ticketing news.

The England Hockey will be making an announcement in mid January to affiliated clubs regarding a once in a lifetime ticketing opportunity. In order to be eligible to take advantage of this opportunity, we need to have a 2012 Activator in each club.

The 2012 Activator will be the person we will communicate with between now and the Olympics, regarding pre 2012 events and club offers. This person needs to have access to the club database, as it will be of vital importance that the messages from us are disseminated as far through the club as possible. Ideally the 2012 activator will be able to add information to the club website, and social media, or be able to help this to happen.

The person will need to follow these steps in order to become a 2012 Activator:

Go to www.fixtureslive.co.uk

Log in if you are already a member, or join if you are new.

During the log in process, you will be given the opportunity to link with your club.

Ask an existing club administrator (unless you are one yourself!) to go to the England Hockey link on the left of the page and to click on affiliation.

There is a tab for contacts, click on it and add the new person as the “Communications Officer”


I can’t stress enough that without this person in place by the 12th January your club will not be eligible to take part in the London 2012 Olympic Ticketing Opportunity.

If you need any assistance to log your 2012 Activator, please contact the help on Fixtures Live.

We already have 70 2012 Activators, but with over 900 clubs we are worried clubs will miss out!

So get registered, and we will be in touch with Olympic 2012 news very shortly!

Please note, this offer is for England Hockey affiliated hockey clubs only.