Change Starts Together

A series of conferences focusing on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, titled ‘Change Starts Together'


Change [ cheynj ]: To transform, alter or modify  

Change starts now and it starts with you! Without you, we cannot change.   

Help us shape how equality, diversity and inclusion is transforming hockey.  

Change Starts Together – Connecting Hockey to be more inclusive was the first in a series of conferences focused on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Hockey, hosted by England Hockey. We will continue to host more in the future.

The purpose of these conferences is to inform, educate and listen to the hockey community about the current position and the future of ED&I in hockey.  

After extensive research we have decided to focus on the four key aspects for the Change Starts Together series: 

  • Connect Understand what equality, diversity and inclusion is and the current position in hockey ​  
  • Challenge Holding ourselves and those around us to be more accountable for equality, diversity and inclusion in hockey ​  
  • Culture Drive change through a collaborative approach #changestartstogether ​  
  • Clarity  Who’s role is what in driving change and being accountable   

February was LGBTQ+ history month and the second in the #ChangeStartsTogether conference series was held online on Tuesday 22 February 2022 focusing on LGBTQ+ inclusion. 

The conference was hosted by members of England Hockey’s newly formed ED&I Advisory Group. It was great to see some of the Group share their experiences and knowledge with the sport and it was very well received by those attending.

The session started with a welcome from England and Great Britain Hockey CEO Nick Pink, followed by an interview with from England and Great Britain Hockey Women’s captain, Hollie Pearne-Webb, for LGBTQ+ History Month.

The Advisory Group members covered information on LGBTQ+ History Month and tips for making clubs more LGBTQ+ inclusive. This included personal experiences and stories which enabled people to reflect on how even small adjustments can make a big difference for people.

The remainder of the session was led by other members from the ED&I Advisory Group focusing on the upcoming ED&I Framework and the 4 key outcomes that the Framework sets out to address. The Framework will be launching shortly, following the England Hockey AGM.

There were a small number of questions submitted during the event and these are currently being reviewed by England Hockey.  The questions and answers will be shared and added here.

If you missed the conference and would like to watch it, you can find it on our YouTube channel here.

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