Supporting you as a Technical Official

Supporting new or experienced Technical Officials with education to support them fulfilling their roles

Technical Official at Hockey Futures Cup 2019

Whether you are a Technical Official taking part in the Outdoor, or Indoor game, there are lots of situations that you may not have experienced and would like some support from knowledgeable colleagues or reputable sources to help you continue to enjoy your role within the sport.

England Hockey’s Technical Appointments Panel (TAP) have developed a wide range of documents, modules and videos to support you in all elements of Technical Officiating.

All of these materials are free to access and are available on the below sources:

England Hockey’s Officiating Management System (OMS) has an area dedicated to current or returning Technical Officials, who are wishing to revisit any documentation to support them to conduct their duties correctly. This is also where current Technical Officials can input their availability and any expense claims for approval. 

England Hockey’s Hockey Hub hosts a series of videos to help Technical Officials appointed to national competition finals. Here, the videos cover a series of subjects, ranging from conducting protective kit checks correctly through to using the online scoring and competition management system AltiusRT correctly.