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Who is responsible for the development of EHO Members?

This question depends on whether the Official is undertaking appointments within the NPUA / TAP or Areas. As a standard, any appointed official will undertake specific development for their own performances through their appointing body.

For members who are not undertaking neutral, independent appointments, EHO will be accountable for the development, production, and delivery of centrally organised development and educational sessions that are included for certain membership packages. These will also be made available for Areas to deliver if requested by a club, as part of the Club Liaison Provision of the Area. Any costs associated with this model will be paid from EHO directly.

If a non-EHO member, or an EHO member who does not have this benefit within their subscription, then these centrally organised sessions will be available at a cost.

If the NPUA / TAP / Area want to deliver their own development or social evenings, then EHO will be available to support with the bookings system and advertising process for these events, however the individual organisation will take full responsibility for the delivery of this session. This also includes any costs incurred with organising this event.